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Entertainment Reporter. I was told I would likely be buried in humiliation, accused of being fame hungry, and it would ultimately hurt me professionally as well as publicly. Schuman told The Daily Beast that everything changed after reading a story , published in by Radar Online, that disclosed a police incident report wherein Carter was investigated after a fan accused him of sexually assaulting her at a house party.

While Golightly seems to have started the movement on behalf of all of the male celebrities that she believes to have been falsely accused, HisSideToo quickly became a Carter-centric endeavor. In another video, Golightly explained that the private HisSideToo group consisted of around 20 women across the world. Some of these women seem to have taken on the Golightly moniker on social media, like Penny Golightly, Holly Golightly, and Blondie Golightly. Many of their Twitter s feature HisSideToo or the peace emoji in their profiles.

We love you!! Convinced Melissa is lying; B. Determined to make it clear—via anonymous social media posts and the HisSideToo hashtag—that Melissa is lying; and C. Love the Backstreet Boys. She wants the attention. Nick would never do that. And it was just all very, very scary. Who remembers Melissa Schuman? I do, you want to know why? Now go take a hike. Never contact me again. No one cares about that girls lies. A November Star article revisits a series of sexual encounters that Gonzalez claimed to have had with Carter when she was In one video, she claimed that she began talking to Lauren Kitt Carter around May.

She lied? Liars make it that much harder for real victims to be believed; such a shame. But a close source to him did state, and give me permission to tell the story. In a different video, Golightly again defended her alleged relationship with Lauren Kitt Carter. It was Nick Carter! Her hashtags include godblessthecarters fuckyouShitstain and youbeggedforit [peace emoji].

There seems to be no doubt in their minds at least publicly that Nick is innocent and they should have neglected to comment. All of those actions have left a really bad taste in my mouth. Especially since Nick has been accused a couple of times in the past. It is incredibly disappointing that BSB continue to not address the issue in a serious manner, only to make offhanded comments that shame victims.

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Lauren kitt ass

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Nick Carter and Wife Lauren Kitt on Their New Reality Show, Wedding Sex, and Penis Pics