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You are not logged in Log in Register to Post. She has a unique perspective as both a lesbian porn star and director. I had read that Lily , you have had a relationship with Laurel Norton ,are there any other stars that you have dated? How do you handle being married and in the porn biz at the same time? I would love to see you work with either Belladonna or do an Ultimate Surrender scene. Do we really need to know her personal love matters? Lily doesn't have answer any personal questions of course , she had posted about some of her experiences and favorite girls in the tomboy thread , since she is posting I just would like her to know she has the appreciation of fans here.

Hey, it's me. Ok, and now to answer those questions: 1. Laurel Norton. My mom and Laurel's mom were friends - I've known her since we were little kids. We didn't see each other for a long time, then randomly ended up at the same college. She took an art class with my wife then girlfriend and I saw her name on something and was like, whoa, I know that girl. We ended up fucking around with her a couple times in school essentially whenever she was between girlfriends and the three of us dated as a threesome for a while in - during this time Laurel and I shot a of scenes together mostly for lilycade.

Laurel still lives with me and my wife as housemates. Other girls I've dated. I've had some flings with girls but I haven't formally dated anyone else. I'm not really poly in the wanting to have a bunch of different girlfriends sense - I just like fucking. Marriage and Porn. I was married before I was in porn I got married Sep 1st of , shot my first adult scene Nov 16 of and I'd been with Sten since junior year of college.

I've never been monogamous with anyone, and when I met Sten I told her I'd cheat on her and she shouldn't date me. I was super goth. We proceeded to "not date" for some time which involved me basically moving into her dorm room guys, I'm a lesbian She really is cool with me fucking other women, and always has been. Either she likes it when she's into the other girl or she just flat doesn't care. She shoots a lot of my porn.

I don't really think having a long term relationship and shooting porn is hard if you are genuinely ok with open relationships, if you see jealousy as something to be overcome not coddled, if you construct your commitment as being based on something other that sexual exclusivity.

Of course, it's not for everyone. Sinn Sage. Love her. I've actually shot with her three times: one of my really early scenes super butch Lily Cade. Trigger warning leg hair in Lesbian Daydreams 3, a spanking scene for SpankSinn. She's awesome, and someone I've wanted to work for since I got into porn but that hasn't happened for me. Damn, that's a nice body. Thanks : Here's some blogs about my most recent movies with pics. If you've seen any of them, let me know what you think.

Wow, Red Hot Lesbians is a great idea, I'm surprised no one else seems to have thought of doing an all red-head release. Terrific cast. Red Hot Lesbians should be out before too long. It's edited and turned in. If you're going to the show, come see me and win some prizes!

Hi Lily! I was wondering, when are you going to do a proper scene with AnnaBelle Lee? By "proper scene," I mean that you fuck her until she begs for her inhaler, and then pin her legs against her chest and trib her so hard that she walks wrong for a week.

Matchmaker: It's really hard for me to pick a favorite scene: I've had so many good experiences. I've worked with her a ton There are several scenes with the two of us on LilyCade. She's also in that aforementioned AVN hotel orgy. I don't like trib - when it comes to banging chicks I'd rather use my hands or strap one on. I've recently lost weight and toned up.

I feel amazing and I look better than ever. Here's some new pics! And here are a few more. Photo credit Eric Swiss. Lily , you are absolutely smoking! Thank you! I put in some major effort to improve my body. I think the difference even from the Red Hot Lesbians pics to now is striking. I look like a real porn star now! Nice set up , her leaving you because she can't handle you ,loved her little slap of you , knowing how you would end up in charge.

Who haven't you worked with yet that you really would like to? Oh my, what a cutie! I actually had to take like five takes of that slap to get her to hit me hard enough to play on camera You'll probably like my threesome scene in the upcoming "The Muse" for Filly Films - similar energy with Amber Rayne as my ex whom I want drugs from and pony up my new hot girlfriend in trade my character in Muse is kind of a bad person, but it's all part of the story. I would really like to work with Dani Daniels and Lexi Belle but I'd be happy to shoot with the three girls on your list.

I've actually hooked up with Katie St. Ives at a party once. I'm trying to shoot for more companies this year besides just, you know, myself. Request me if you want to see me. You hooked up with Katie St Ives at a party!! Damn , details please! Just kidding not really , what is she like , she just seems so nice and adorable in interviews.

It was at the Dr. Suzy show, which means there might be video. I remember I used a vibrator on her and she was super cute. I tended to get really crazy at those parties and bang my way through a hoarde of chicks. I think it was the same night I then drive to another party, fucked Jasmine Jem on top of a cooler and then got railed in the bathroom by some cute butch chick.

You know, porn star lifestyle and all that. If you like me, please vote for me in the Mile High Madness contest. This is the final round! You can vote today, and once per day until thursday. Here's how to vote: 1. Facebook - go to facebook. - milehighmediamadness gmail. If you any of you are interested, I am having a sale todayon DVDs.

Hit me up at lily lilycade. I just voted for Lily Cade and Nina Hartley. Thanks Grober and Bissy! Remember you can vote all three ways each day. I sent in a vote for you and Nina! That sex scene would be sweet. Okay the horny ladies Nina and Lily lost the match. I hope that there is an another way that Lily Cade and Nina Hartly shoot a horny scene together. It must be absoluty horny when the pon legend Nina Hartley and the lesbian superstar do a scene together.

I want to see all the horny things as licking, dildos and strap on. Just a great scene , two hot women and lots of passion , ohh , red hair and pale white skin , daaaamn. Btw , Lily , can't wait to see Sugarmommas , you and Jodi Taylor together , she's such a cutie , and turns out she's got a real wild side.

The scene with me and Nina was filmed this week, and it was fucking awesome. I'm generally not into women older than myself, but Nina has great energy, and she made me feel really desired, and she totally knew what she was doing, and it was really hot. She's also a solid pro, which really, really worked for me. I'd had a run of mediocre scenes before that, scenes where I was doing the other girl's job for her as well as my own, and working with someone else who is genuinely into the sex, genuinely into me, knows positions, knows how to fuck, knows how to communicate I left set with a big smile on my face.

Lily , a question if you don't mind answering. What kind of girls do you prefer to date , and how do they deal with your life in porn? I'm mostly a top, but not entirely. Even on camera, I like girls who match my energy and are fierce. Getting fucked, sure, but not really bottoming. I've been married to the same woman the entire time I've been in the business, so dating and dealing with all that stuff isn't something I do.

My wife is a cam op and web deer I know, I know, I'm married to my webmaster I've always said my type is an energy thing, and it is. I like skinny, but apart from that, I'm pretty versatile. Thanks for the info on you and Nina filming your scene together!

It sounds like you enjoyed the experience that an older woman like Nina Hartley brought to the scene and how you didn't have to take control of the whole scene. Does that mean you will work with older women more often in the future? Next topic: Hollie Heart.

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