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Spring has finally sprung and with it a new crop of anime. Some of the usuals have returned for new seasons such as My Hero Academia which has now entered its fifth season after debuting in which seems like only yesterday. It's exciting to see shows from years past return, but what about the actual brand new anime starting this season? That list seems just as stacked and there is more than enough out there to get excited for as well and these all start within the next few days and or weeks. Shaman King is a manga that started in It had a good run in Shonen Jump for awhile, but toward the end it went on several hiatuses before eventually ending.

The anime ran for just sixty-four episodes and did not receive the same conclusion, so this new anime is basically a reboot. It is set to premiere on April 1. Godzilla Singular Point , as the name might suggest, is an anime adaption of the Godzilla franchise. Although the story seems to focus on a group who created a robot in order to defend itself from other monsters which will probably turn into a final showdown with the lizard king himself.

Megalon in This anime though is set to premiere on April 1. This vampire anime has an interesting history behind it. It started as a stage reading written by Bun-O Fujisawa. It was then adapted into a manga in , which is still ongoing. This means this new anime may not have a lot of material to work with although if that stage reading was thorough enough, this anime may not need to wait for the manga to continue being made at a steady rate.

Either way it will debut on April 6. What anime list would be complete without a series about anthropomorphic animals? Odd Taxi started this year, in January, as a manga. Either way the series seems to star a taxi driver who gets involved with the disappearance of a young girl along with the strange characters he is usually involved with through his job. This is the only anime on the list that is not based on anything else be it a stage play, manga, or whatever.

Based on quick previews and trailers out there, Jouran: The Princess of Snow and Blood looks to be set in Japan and focuses on demon slayers of some sort. The anime art style certainly has a unique look to it making it stand out among others of its ilk. The Way of the Househusband , or Gokushufudou as the Japanese name, started as a manga in It has since produced seven volumes but is still going.

This comedy series stars and ex-Yakuza member turned dedicated husband doing menial chores which can only be conveyed to the extreme through anime. Before this anime adaptation, set to debut on April 8, there was a ten episode live-action drama in Japan in It definitely has some Great Teacher Onizuka vibes to it. In that time this RPG got a few updates through ports but never a sequel. The anime will premiere on April 9. Edens Zero is the newest creation from Hiro Mashima. He also started Fairy Tale and Rave Master for those unaware.

This spacefaring manga started in and has fourteen volumes under its belt which means this might be one of those anime situations where production will either slow down between seasons, or the anime directors might want to go in filler directions. Only time will tell, but the anime is set to debut on April This is based on a manga that began in It has since produced twenty-one volumes in its ongoing run in Weekly Shonen Magazine. Besides this anime adaptation, set to release on April 11, Tokyo Revengers is also getting a live-action film adaption in July.

This anime adaptation then is the latest to tackle this story revolving around this war torn mech romance series. Anime fans can feast their eyes on it when it debuts on April A new rumor making the rounds online suggests that a fan favorite, Xbox-owned Nintendo 64 game could be coming to Switch Online this year. Tristan Jurkovich began his career as a journalist in Check it out!

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Lizard watching anime

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