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Lovely Mimi had lots to say about her split from her soon-to-be ex Remy, who was also her manager. She said his video made her upset. She dedicated the video to women who have suffered toxic relationships and said she ignored red flags in the beginning of their relationship. She name-dropped people they had issues with and accused Remy of being a liar and cheater to say the least.

She revealed that he fell out of love with him after a stranger sent her a photo of him and another girl, who she had already told him to leave alone, on a date together. She said she should have left then and there. She packed everything up and threw it outside. She said in that same moment, she was offered to shoot a pilot for a possible new show and took Remy back. He was still talking to that girl. He would not let this girl go. I still kept him around.

I fought for my husband. She also broke down as she revealed that they went through money issues as he lost the money she earned from her nail salon. She said he went and got a loan after giving up on a car wash company she bought for him to open a hair salon, despite her telling him not to. He builds it. Once he finished it, he walked away from the salon he never looked back. He left me with that shop. He stopped paying bills. I gave him all the money to the promotions [I did]. I let him keep all that money. Now that got the nail shop, the nail shop.

He got the promotion money, and he got YouTube money… I wanted Remy to have money so he can go on his own and do whatever he is so he can stop competing with me and feel more like a man. All of a sudden, there are state troopers. The landlord is writing me, and all the time I thought he was paying bills. We are behind in bills. Where is the money? Guess who has to come out of their hard-earned pocket to pay for this? I paid for it. He does it again. She said the only reason she decided to do the video was because Remy did one himself. He said they started having issues about a year ago after their communication took a dip and things went downhill from there.

He also spoke on the hair salon ordeal and said he wanted to take a risk. He said all was well and they even bought a house together. He went on to say they always took care of people and let people live with them. He added,. Money got tight. The relationship started to decrease. The form of respect toward one another was not there no more. They got a break from each other during her nail tour, but things were still bad once she returned. Sunday 10th October Remy, Lovely Mimi. Lovely Mimi, Remy. Tags: love and hip hop atlanta , lovely mimi , recommend , remy.

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Lovely mimi husband

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