Nancy botwin boobs

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My wife has never been exposed to Weeds before this season. Anyway, most of this episode was about how Nancy and Andy are settling in with the baby and all that good stuff. Then again, the characters on this show have done stupider things to satisfy their own personal whims, so what do I know? So the baby is turning into more of a pain than Andy thought he would be I guess Andy imagined having a fake son would be all fun and games. This is too bad.

So, for what seems like the umpteenth time, he races to her side to tell her that he loves her, that he wants to be with her. At this point, the constant back and forth of the Nancy and Esteban pairing after two seasons of it! Also, Shane thought he had chlamydia, but he had a yeast infection. Then he got shot in the arm, and it was potentially sad.

For a long time, it was easy to write this off as just the problems of trying to do a funny comedy and Weeds can be screamingly funny about a very serious subject. But now that the show shares an hour with the not perfect but really well done Nurse Jackie , it becomes ever more apparent that there is a way to do a show about awful people doing awful things to each other as Jackie does to seemingly everyone in her life and have it be winning and funny and, above all, humanistic.

Nurse Jackie is an open show that seems to love all of its characters. Weeds is a deeply problematic one that seems to hate everyone involved in it. Show us you care! Grade: C Stray observations:. The A. TV Reviews Weeds.

Nancy botwin boobs

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'Weeds': The one with the breastmilk