Nicole arbour is a bitch

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On September 3, , Ms. In other words, she created a video of shocking inflammatory content to serve as easy click bait and go viral and she used the lowest common denominator keys to controversy with fat-shaming and body health concern trolling in order to do it. It being the internet, the ploy worked. The video has about twenty-two million views between Facebook and Youtube and the controversy has been talked about everywhere from Entertainment Weekly to CNN to blogs and social media everywhere. Arbour was in talks to do the choreography for a film about an overweight girl who wants to dance, which, ironically was deed as an anti-bullying film.

One has to wonder if reading the script or hearing the pitch made her land on the idea for her video or if, as director Pat Mills thinks, she may never have skimmed that script. However, whether in the long run this harms or hurts Ms. In other words, Ms.

Arbour has struck a very big nerve. Actually, having looked through her back catalog, Ms. A pattern seems to emerge in Ms. No, I know. She really seems to think this. Still, it seems that Ms. It was then that she realized she could keep going viral by being the most shocking she could be.

None of this piece is saying her channel or her videos should be taken down or shut away. Lindy West has a great piece for The Guardian echoing these sentiments. So, yes, this is criticism but far from a cry for censorship. In this past month, Ms. I think her real point is that she is allowed to trade on her looks because, nominally, she also does comedy. This time she makes a joke about how if two people who are drunk all the time get married they might divorce once they sober up because they might not be who they thought. I thought you were Mexican! Funny, ha-ha. But you can see her so-called attempts at humor ratcheting up until she hit pay dirt with the video from the 3rd of this month.

So what did Nicole say? Of course, she yells about how being fat will kill you. I was an interpreter for two years in free clinics across three states. Then, Ms. She spends about half the video on this aside, complaining how they made her wait longer in line, got to skip to the front the family legitimately had knee problems and were disabled , and she missed getting her Starbucks because, darn it, white women need their Starbucks.

It gets worse when she laments about being sat next to the son of the family. Again, I just want to know who died and appointed Ms. Arbour the judge of acceptable bodies and, in turn, how anyone from fatties to hot chicks can and should display them. She wraps up by trying to say this is a truth bomb for people to help them. Her hackneyed joke about sweating Crisco is literally stolen from the Ben Stiller comedy, Heavyweights. I guess she remembered the material to steal for later but not the overwhelming message that fat shaming is awful and that you need to be yourself and this was from !

Also, she makes sure to delineate that she loves larger black women who sing in choirs because, again, stereotypes are funny and make you cool! Erica Watson yesterday did a great job dismantling the mix of racism and size shaming in that comment and I recommend her work too. So now you all know the history and the substance of Ms. I want to point out that fat-shaming and prejudice against fat people is a real and deadly thing.

Here are a few statistics before we personalize this. Essentially, being fat is so unpleasant for people like Ms. Arbour to look at that we have to be sent to back rooms, hidden or not hired at all. Fat-shaming is also a huge health problem for women who are struggling to become pregnant. Yes, with higher weights becoming pregnant itself becomes difficult.

However, fertility clinics deny treatments in the U. There is a huge bias against the overweight from medical professionals. Again, I do understand that, yes, diseases go with being overweight sometimes. I get that these doctors see the tragedies and course of diseases often, but studies have found them to still be as prejudicial towards the overweight as the average citizen. Being overweight and going to the doctor is much like when my ninety-one year old grandmother goes to her doctor.

For her, every problem is due to her being old and the doctors do very little to listen to her concerns. However, this is dangerous. People who feel dismissed and discriminated against stop going to doctors. You get tired of being dismissed, but if you stop going and getting routine screenings your risks of worse diseases or disorders cropping up increases.

It makes them lazier professionals, frankly. First, bullying is the leading cause of death among young people. Morbidly obese individuals of all ages, in turn, are about five times as likely to suffer from depression than more typical-sized individuals. Now not everyone who is depressed commits or even attempts suicide but it can lead to that ultimate end.

Finally, extreme obesity is correlated with suicide attempts and ideation, where obese people are ificantly more likely to think about and attempt suicide. In fact, 1 in 3 obese women will attempt suicide in their lifetime, which is far higher than more typical-sized counterparts. So, yes, fat-shaming and bullying is a thing and it kills people, both from doctor neglect and from crushing depression that le us to try killing ourselves. After all, people like you, Ms. My personal take on this.

I currently weigh pounds, and that actually is a good thing for me. I was always a large girl. At three, my pediatrician was telling my mom with me in the room that I needed to go on a diet due to my BMI. Oddly, I have a twin brother and he was skinny until high school. Mom made us the same meals and snacks and we had the same playground time. But I was just different. I remember at two or three, literally sneaking boxes of crackers and cheddar cheese blocks out of the refrigerator and eating them whole.

I was three. I was always the biggest girl in my class. I was made fun of from the time I started school. I know everyone knows that story. It got so much worse in high school. That was a small private school that operates as a lacrosse recruitment factory for the Ivy Leagues. Actually, we only had students total in the high school so there was no P. To get your requirement, you had to do a sport or manage it. I actually was on two varsity teams by junior year — -field hockey and swimming. I was still heavier than the lax girls, and I was teased so badly that I stopped eating lunch at the cafeteria or, frankly, at all.

The school left it up for six months before it was painted over. I found out years later that the only reason it was ever fixed was because my mother came to drop something off, found it there, and demanded it be quietly removed. By the time I was eleven, even before high school, I started throwing up. I would throw up sometimes six times a day. I have some slight scarring on my throat and degraded enamel on my teeth still because I did it every day consistently for about eleven years.

By the way, Ms. Arbour, while anorexia, itself, is defined by being fifteen percent underweight for your height, bulimia is different. Anorexia is the most deadly of all mental disorders. Bulimics, conversely, ac tually gain weigh t often with their behaviors, and they also are usually average weight or about ten pounds overweight. Besides, I lived in the United States. Anything to be made fun of less. But people hated me, and I was desperate. So I would do anything to change it, even though it was hard to control my eating. It was because of my natural inclination under stress is to eat.

By high school, I was taking antidepressants to deal with depression in no small part caused by being bullied for my obesity. Some cause impotence, some cause weight gain. So I spent a couple years on things that made me gain weight. It happens over and over to people, thin or not, who get depressed and then the pills help but cause a brand new problem with weight gain. I think the lowest point I had was at field hockey camp when I was sixteen. I was up at Penn State with my whole team. A lot of it. I wear full ice hockey pants and helmet and chest protector along with foam padded leg and shoe protectors.

I look literally like Stay Puft from the Ghostbusters. And you do that in the degree summer in Maryland and Virginia and then you add the heat running off astro-turf and the heat index and the sweat in p? It feels like degrees. So here I am on varsity because fat people can be athletic, Ms. I would go back to my room after every, single meal and vomit, and I mean literally in my room. Believe me, Ms. Oh and these helpful nuggets of advice from my family were things said to me when I was three to five years old.

We know. We get looks and stares and people take pics of us and mock us behind our backs. We get harassed at airports and made to pay extra for seats, or at least Southwest used to do that until enough people complained that they stopped ambushing fatties at the gate and demanding an additional seat purchase. This happened to me about four years ago. I burst into tears when the attendant confronted me about it in the middle of the waiting lounge just calling it out to me in front of fifty other passengers.

Fun times! Way to be honest, Ms. So to be honest. We know this. I mean how many representations of healthy, overweight women do you ever see in media? Seriously, these jokes would be dated at a 80s yuck-yuck club, the ones not stolen I mean. Alright then, Margaret, you know that obesity can correlate to deadly side effects and you know that it causes job discrimination and health discrimination. First, I have tried. Yes, there are physical reasons.

Nicole arbour is a bitch

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