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A thigh-what? I thought. I Googled it and was appalled by the latest teenage girl obsession: having ultra-skinny thighs, so much so that one can see a space in between them when feet are touching hence, the gap is a trait many teenagers now covet. Of course, for many, this idealized gap is physically impossible to attain.

Still, I must admit to checking in the closet mirror to see if I had one. I was relieved when my daughter said she found the trend unhealthy. Even this level-headed wiki-how is anxiety-producing, in that it confirms the ubiquity of the trend. We bombard them with conflicting messages to stay fit and be healthy see Michelle Obama while at the same time asking them not to get too neurotic about their body image.

Some of us mothers send mixed messages too. What matters is how beautiful you are on the inside, we tell them, yet we work out and order sal for dinner. The pressure to be thin is nothing new. Generations of women have grown up yo-yo dieting, bingeing and purging since their teens. And those opinions are so widely broadcast. The obvious concern with social media-fueled phenomena like the thigh gap is that the pressure to have one might lead some girls to develop severe body dissatisfaction or, even worse, eating disorders. So I spoke to Jessica Suisman, a doctoral student in the department of psychology at Michigan State University and the lead author of a study looking at the genetic factors underlying eating disorders and body dissatisfaction.

I asked her if researchers knew what is the impact of social media on body image issues in young girls. She says nobody really knows yet whether social media is more powerful than other media, since the research on this is just getting started.

But one trend seems to be emerging: social media appears to be breaking down old models of analyzing factors that cause eating disorders. Those three main influences:. Relationships with peers 2. Relationships with parents and, of course, 3.

The media, which has traditionally been seen as TV, images from magazine and, lately, the Internet. But, says Suisman, social media seems to be blurring the line between the ly distinct effects of peers and media. She told me:. It will be a while before we really understand how f like the thigh gap truly affect our daughters.

Somehow these influences affect some girls profoundly, while not others. In her recent paper, published along with senior investigator Kelly Klump, who is the Co-Director of the Michigan State University Twin Registry, it became clear that genes influence how people are affected by pressures to be thin. Here's what Suisman said:. Across the board we found that identical twins tend to be much more similar to one another than fraternal twins in terms of their levels of disordered eating and thin ideal internalization, and this suggest genetic influences on these phenotypes since identical twins share a much larger proportion of their genes than fraternal twins.

This is a real wake-up call for me, and probably many parents. It makes us look at ourselves as mothers and parents, and our own relationships with body image, as we try to decipher our daughters. So, parents: are any of you dealing with these issues at home? Have your daughters also brought up the thigh gap issue, and how did you handle it? Please let us know. This program aired on October 4, The audio for this program is not available.

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Perfect thigh gap tumblr

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The Sexualization of the Thigh Gap