Phantom pain female soldiers

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These are essential, life saving tips that will let you complete missions easier and build the legend of Big Boss. Continuing the proud tradition of the Metal Gear series, The Phantom Pain is full of small, silly tricks of dubious practical value for you to mess around with. Some of these tips could be fairly useful if properly employed, while others are just for shits and giggles. Filed under Russian soldiers hate them!

Not only does it wash the blood and stinky murder mess off Snake, but it refreshes his max HP and reaction time when spotted. Find a shallow pool of water, get prone, and roll around left and right. After a few spins, Snake will be clean and refreshed. Fortunately, you can skip that wait and go straight back to sabotage and murder. Hop on top, slap on the fulton, and look for the button prompt to grab on. No waiting for Pequod to bring in the chopper. Fun with the cardboard box: As you probably know, the cardboard box is ridiculously elaborate in The Phantom Pain.

But, aside from using it as a method of quick travel, slapping distracting pin-up girls on the side, and generally sneaking around, it has a few undocumented uses. For example, you can also use it as a ghetto sled! Find a nice big hill, stand up with the box on, take a quick run, and hit the dive button. Snake will belly slide down the hill wearing the box.

Did you know that the cardboard box also confers a very small amount of armor? The box will also soak up the effects of a stun grenade. However, there are some not so obvious uses for it. But who the hell is going to wander into a war zone with just a squirt gun? The water pistol can also extinguish fire pits and other pesky light sources, which is actually surprisingly handy during a night op.

Speaking of electronics, did you know you can use power lines to zap fools? Shooting out a line so the live wire touches a trooper will fry them, you know, if you wanted to make it look like an accident. Snake should be able to take out an insurance policy on individual troops before each mission, that would be a fun way to fund Mother Base.

There are other ways to kill guys while making it look like an accident. You probably know that you can hold guys up and tell them to lie down with their hands on their he, but have you ever tried it in some shallow water? Yay, humor murder! Turns out, lots of things! If you turn the speaker on so enemies can hear, there a few tricks you can pull.

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Phantom pain female soldiers

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