Pictures of maximum ride

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James Patterson, the novelist whose blockbuster books have sold more than million copies, is setting his sights on another medium: Internet video. Collective Digital Studio, a production company and multichannel network with nearly YouTube channels, is planning an initial batch of six to 10 episodes that will run at 10 to 15 minutes each.

Fans have posted thousands of amateur videos enacting scenes from the books on YouTube. The eight-book series, which features six children who have been genetically modified with bird DNA and can fly, has sold 30 million copies. A final, ly unannounced book in the series is scheduled for January , Mr. Patterson said in the statement. He said he was also swayed by the promise of a speedy development track. Patterson said in a telephone interview. Gary Binkow, chief content officer for Collective Digital Studio, said production on the series was set to begin later this year or early next year.

The company is aiming to have the first episodes online in the spring of The company is planning to cast YouTube personalities in major roles, he added.

Pictures of maximum ride

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