Pokemon adventures sabrina

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A former gym leader and former member of the Team Rocket elite Triad Sabrina has been mastering her psychic abilities as well as her use of psychic Pokemon since childhood. After her defeat at the end of the dexholders she continued her life as a gym leader with little to no consequence. Fights Lorelei while handcuffed to Green Y. Dodges an attack from Jynx Y. Drags Green's unconscious body around Y. Creates a large and detailed invisible house GSC.

Breaks Blastoise's shell with a spoon RBG. Uses a Psybeam that breaks the ground where it hits RBG. Disables Green rendering her completely unable to move RBG. Senses Green's trauma and creates illusions accordingly RBG. Levitates herself RBG. Teleports to dodge an attack RBG. Creates a vortex of psychic energy RBG. Sees through a smokescreen RBG.

Can see Mr. Mime's invisible house GSC. This is super interesting. I never read the comics but did just about everything else in the pokemon universe. Had no idea sabrina was a rocket. Where do I get my hands on these comics? Are they available digitally? Yeah they're available on Mangadex. If you're interested you should totally check out the other Adventures RTs on the sub!

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Pokemon adventures sabrina

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