Pokemon breeding funny

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Some of those confusing things are even completely nonsensical. The same sources of inconsistency apply to breeding, pretty often in fact. These legendaries are not supposed to be able to breed. A baby Lugia has also been seen next to its parent in the anime.

Will you receive an egg with an Alolan form or Kantonian form? So, why will two regular Vulpix be able to produce an Alolan Vulpix just because they did their funny business in Alola? This really isn't how evolution works — not that this series has ever really followed the laws of evolution. Poor Ditto. If you place a male Pikachu in the daycare with a Ditto, wouldn't the Ditto turn into a male Pikachu as well?

Two male Pikachu can happily be in love, of course, but they wouldn't biologically be able to breed with one another. Without the incense, it'll just be the base stage that is hatched. Two Sudowoodo will produce a third, but if one of them is holding a Rock Incense, a Bonsly will be produced. There's no other way to ask then just: why? Fan theories about Ditto being a failed Mew clone aside, Mew is also able to use the move Transform. Of course, one of these is Transform.

Why then, can Mew not be used the same way as Ditto in the daycare? Sure, it's much easier to get your hands on a Ditto, but in a pinch, Mew should definitely work the same. The poor things can be used as an egg factory in many cases, with players hoping for a shiny or a good-IV hatch producing hundreds of eggs in a very short amount of time.

The two are technically part of separate evolutionary lines, but can produce each other's base stages when members of their evolutionary family breed. The weird hangup here is that not every member of those families can breed. On the Male side, all three can.

There has never been any explanation for this, and it's unique to this evolutionary family. Oh, and a baby Nidoqueen was also confusingly seen in the first movie. Take, for example, the encouraged practice of breeding between species for Egg Moves. Let's all just agree to ignore these weird realities. However, once breeding came to the games, many people started to wonder the same thing: how can a Kangaskhan be born with a baby already in its pouch?

Kangaskhan pops out of the egg as a seeming adult, complete with baby Kanga in its pouch pocket. One fan theory is that they are always twins, but one of them is stronger and consumes the energy and growth ability of the other. Typically, it makes a bit of sense why certain things can co-parent, not just because they're in the same Egg Group, but because they physiologically resemble one another, like Taillow and Starly. The most notorious example is the tiny cat, Skitty two-feet tall or just 0. Well, sort of. Michael is an editor at TheGamer. Share Share Tweet . Related Topics Lists Pokemon.

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Pokemon breeding funny

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