Reddit funny sex stories

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Every once in a while probably more than we let on , us folk at Happy scour the wastelands of Reddit for treasure. Needless to say, it was a goldmine. As the thread revealed itself to us, we found narrative brilliance, dripping imagery literally , hilarity so good that it hurt, and, of course, racy eroticism. Based on the popular NSFW image subreddit GoneWild , GoneWildStories has been in busy operation since , delivering its k members with nothing but the sauciest content.

Like many posts in this spectacular thread, this one wastes no time getting to the action. Still, older men are hot, and with these two, we get a play-by-play of what happened in some exquisite detail. This one is pretty pedestrian compared to most of the shocking sex stories on this thread, but you have to give it points for the happy ending. Often, roommates fall into one of two . With these two, we get a rewarding progression. They went from friends, to close friends, to the uncanny valley, and, at long last, deeply intimate.

The best part? They clearly both liked each other from the very beginning. I [f]ace-fucked [m]y year old tenant after she wrecked my wall from gonewildstories. If that makes sense… The situation is messy from the get-go, and both participants have their flaws, especially the protagonist, but the story is like cocaine.

One line is never enough. This little is about reconnecting with an old fuck-buddy — a tale as old as time. The narrative twists and turns. The protagonist is sympathetic and her counter-part is relatable. The world-building would make J. Best of all, the eroticism so racy and detailed you essentially feel like a fly on the wall, watching the whole ordeal go down. One of us will need to find a way to explain this to them. Up next: The 10 best music communities on Reddit. Posted by: Blowingbush Upvotes: 3.

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Reddit funny sex stories

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