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Originally posted by nao-ciel. Will reader him or not? After my town was destroyed, I can still remember that day like it was yesterday. Eren, Mikasa, Armin and I have always been friends but that event made me truly open my eyes and realise that both I lasts forever.

The four of us entered the scouts in order to protect and eliminate those titans. I remained focus on my training and that alone until I met Reiner. My dark hair was stuck to my forehead and continued to pant and held my fists up ready to attack again. Reiner smirked at my direction and continued staring into my grey eyes. I spit out a bit of blood and stared at him with cold eyes. I managed to hit his cheek and head butted him, but he grabbed me and threw me to the ground and sat on top of my back.

I hear chuckles and realized Annie and Bertolt were sitting away from us watching us fight. Commander Erwin did say these three were one of the best of the squad. I squirmed out of him punched his stomach with my knee and punched his jaw. Bertolt stared in awe and Annie had a smirk on her face. Reiner continued with this weird attitude towards me and I would avoid him every time when he was around. We were all sitting down eating, I finished getting dressed and pulled my black hair into a pony tail and my grey eyes wandered around and I spotted Captain Levi. I stared at him angrily and met his bored eyes.

Why do I even bother talking to someone like you. Hanji came running towards me almost making me throw my food to the floor. Did you like the experiment I made you do with my babies? How about we do it again?! I turned to look up at him and thanked him. He and Reiner always glaring at one another. Both of us stayed silent and began to walk further into the wooded area.

Just a few days ago Marco had been killed and he seemed distant and not himself.. Maybe live in peace, start a family and enjoy life.. Its hard to believe I was so cold, distant and pushed him away. My past me would have though if falling in love with Reiner. Reiner moved closer and held onto my waist and leaned down to kiss me.

I kissed him back and felt him move my hands to unbuckle all the straps I had on and from then on we became closer. So many things happened, she was a titan and had captured Eren, Mikasa and I had to follow her and try to cut her. Levi managed to do the job but everyone in his squad had died by Annie. Reiner and I stood at the forest where we hanged out daily and my blood ran cold when he confessed something I never thought.

I studied you when you first arrived and I know exactly who you are. How do you think you can explain your moves or your bloodthirst for titans?! His eyes looks different now. I fought back the tears and saw his eyes also go cold. Since he knew who I was blood related and maybe he could make me his side and kill my comrades? I had managed to call for recruits when he had turned into the armored titan. I go myself deeply injured trying to fight and protect some citizens.

Eren was beyond angry and Mikasa and Levi were both disappointed in me for being so careless. I finished putting on my straps and fixed my hair up. I heard footsteps and bowed when I saw Historia walk into my room. I told Levi I was okay! All of this is consuming you, you still have a choice you can either forgive him so you can live in peace or not. I owe you a lot.

My daughter looked so much like Reiner, same colored hair and eyes. It was hard raising a baby on my own but I managed to stay strong without Reiner. The bells rang which aled it was time. I pulled my green hood up and vid farewell at the queen and kissed my baby goodbye. Levi and Mikasa met me outside and told me to stay focused and not let my anger get the best of me.

I stayed silent and kept my glare up ahead and pulled my blades out and attacked my gear onto the wall. We would inspect the walls and I knew something bad would happen. There was a loud boom and everything seemed to go in slow motion. I looked down and saw a soldier had gotten stabbed and Reiner came out from the wall. I glared at him and he looked surprised to look at me, surprised by how much I changed in appearance and how I stabbed right through him. He stepped back and in just seconds he transformed into his titan mode.

The fight lasted for a while and I glared at the titan up from where I was standing. I went through so much over these days. I just lost a man I found out was my uncle, me dealing with how to become a mother and now this. I still miss him so much.

Originally posted by shadowgale Keep reading. Originally posted by omaewamou-shindeiru. The whole concept seems fascinated to me and I really want to start a book. Also once the show is out this book will be available on my Wattpad.

Summary: In , , the king of stories and one of the seven , is captured in an occult ritual. After being held captive for years, in he escapes and sets out to restore order to his kingdom of the Dreaming. Summary: You and Shaun have known each other for years, from then on your relationship have grown. Katy is always there to tease and help you in her own way when the constant flirting between you and Shaun never stops. Holy crap this movie was amazing and the visuals! This is very diferent from my regular content but I watched this show 3 days ago and I enjoyed the fuck out of it so here we goooo!!

Originally posted by nowadayz. Originally posted by ingukk. Originally posted by mostlyfate. Originally posted by herberry. Originally posted by in-yeop. Annnnd thats a wrap for the characters I wanted to talk about!! Thank you for sticking with me til the end.

Who is your favorite character in Squid Game and why? I would love to know! Whoever wrote this, thank you. You gave a nice explanation to each character. The girl is nice to everyone and also has a thing for you, but will either of you fully express what you feel. This is a Female Reader! Summary: On a stormy sleepless night you get a call from your friend who just went through a breakup. You quickly decide to go over and share some time with him and finally reveal tour true feelings to him.

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Reiner x reader lemon

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