Rito x yami

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Network: BS When an alien from the planet Deviluke runs away and goes into hiding on earth,she meets a human named Yuuki Rito. Watch as she wants to get married to him while he wants no part of it. Celine is drunk and spre her pollen, making Saki and the others fall for Rito.

Later, a misunderstanding by Momo sparks an interesting turn of events. Rito begins his day with the usual activities: Momo sneaking into his bed, a beating from Nana, and accidental groping with Lala. On the way to school, Rito greets all of his classmates and receives another beating from Yami for running into her. As they prepare for class, Momo reminds Rito of her harem plan.

Lala also encourages Haruna to confess to Rito. In the afternoon, Haruna, fresh from tennis practice, finds Nana at school for her remedial classes. They sit together and have a chat; Nana also shares a Deviluke sports drink with Haruna. Momo, waiting for Rito to finish his remedial classes, s them.

She asks Haruna about her progress with Rito in which Haruna admits she needs help. She loves Rito but does not want to jeopardize her friendship with Lala as she loves Rito too. By Earth's tradition, Rito can only marry one woman. Momo tries to convince Haruna that polygamy is common in the universe and that Earth is simply outdated.

As Nana argues with Momo about polygamy, Haruna suddenly begins to act strange. Rito arrives and informs Momo and Nana that the Deviluke drink earlier has made Haruna drunk. Momo, attempting to advance her harem plan, requests Rito to escort Haruna home. Rito accepts and avoids detection from the principal. At Haruna's apartment, Haruna, still drunk, seduces Rito and mentions Momo's harem plan.

Rito asks Haruna about her feelings for the harem plan but Haruna sobers up. Akiho also arrives home and greets Haruna in an embarrassing situation. Rito quickly leaves. While Akiho continuously apologizes to Haruna, Momo finds Rito and asks him about his day with Haruna. Meanwhile, Mea is asking for Nemesis's whereabouts. Rito finds Momo in his bed again. Momo reminds Rito about her harem plan and advises him to be careful of Mea. Meanwhile, Mea is worried that Nemesis is not responding to her. She tries to hide her feelings from Nana who is inviting her to a bakery. Elsewhere, Tearju thanks Rito for helping her and asks him if Momo has new information about Mea.

Momo is more concerned about Yami skipping classes. Tearju understands Yami's motives about staying away from her and wishes to see her in school and Mikan, Yami's friend. As Rito thinks about the friendship, Lala bumps into him and accidentally drops an invention. Rito activates it turning him into a mouse. Being small, Rito can easily see girl's underwear, making him uncomfortable. He desperately searches for Lala but his small size makes him vulnerable to being stepped on. His escape attempts eventually lands him under Yami's clothing. Rito manages to escape with her underwear but passes out.

Mea finds Rito and remembers Nemesis message about weak people being weeded out. She helps Rito anyways and Rito recovers in time for a beating from Yami. As Yami walks off, Mea asks Yami about feelings and how Nemesis has never taught her this subject. Yami tells Mea that she should discover it herself. Afterschool, Rito finds Mea on the roof in her battle clothes and asks about her motives. He tries to convince Mea not to rely only on her master Nemesis but it enrages her.

Mea seduces Rito with her Psycho Dive ability, but alien enemies also approach and attack Mea, leading Rito and Mea on a wild ram. During the fight, Mea realizes that Nemesis is reminding her that she is a weapon. Nana also spots Mea in her weapon form. Rito tries to take one of Lala's inventions from Celine but Celine activates it and summons a naked Yui for Rito. The next day, Rito catches a train and finds Yui inside with an angry glare. She pulls Rito to a side protecting him from other women.

Rito tries to talk to Yui by asking why she is here. Yui was delivering papers while Rito was shopping for novelty items. The train then becomes more crowded, squeezing Rito and Yui together and forcing Rito to grab Yui in weird places. One of Rito's items also molests Yui. At arrival, Rito finds one of his items running, angering Yui. Meanwhile, Mea asks Nemesis for feedback about her experience on Earth.

Nemesis finds it too peaceful and is waiting for the Darkness form to activate. Mea then questions Nemesis about the Darkness form inside Yami but Nemesis declines to explain and assures Mea that time will come, making Mea upset. As for Yami, Mikan tells Yami not to be swayed by Nemesis. She also requests Yami to always seek her for help. On the way home, Mikan spots Mea while grocery shopping and finds her basket filled with sweets. She advises Mea to have a better diet and invites Mea for dinner.

Mikan also hopes to learn more about Mea given that she is Yami's sister. At home, while Lala washes up Celine and gets her breasts sucked on, Mea requests to watch Mikan cook. Mea takes interest in cutting vegetables and volunteers. Mikan teaches Mea and remembers the same experience Yami had. When it's Mea's turn to cut, she feels a cutting sensation and cuts the vegetables wildly with her abilities, ripping everyone's clothes in the process. She stops just when Lala arrives. After Mea leaves, Mikan is skeptical whether she can befriend Mea like Yami.

Rin thanks Rito for saving her from Bladix despite Rito claiming that Yami was the one who saved her. Meanwhile, Lala is concerned with Haruna's progress with Rito. Peke understands Lala but is more worried about her fading relationship with Rito. Peke advises Lala to work on her relationship first.

Lala proceeds and finds Rito being punished by Yami for groping Tearju. Lala asks Yami to forgive him in which she does, but Rito s his duty before Lala can speak to him. Momo also finds Nana lurking near Rito's classroom; Nana lies that she got lost and ended up here.

As Nana leaves, Momo is happy but jealous that Rito notices Nana more than her. She then finds Lala consulting with Peke about Rito and s in. Momo, knowing that Lala must be the wife for her harem plan to succeed, pushes Lala to advance her romance. On the way home, Momo observes Lala clinging onto Rito and finds it ineffective. She invites Lala to her room and teaches humanly love through her visual novel.

Rito x yami

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