Sexy easter man

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One in nine people even believe the EU controls the date — so Brexit will presumably put our Easter Bunny in a bit of a stew. Happy Easter everyone. It got me thinking about how, as a nation, we now find religion an unpalatable conversation topic. Easter is rapidly catching up with Christmas in terms of commercialism — a commercial extravaganza, not a festival of faith. But while Christmas cards still carry holy images of the baby Jesus and the Heavenly Host, Easter cards favour non-biblical images like bunnies and chicks — although I can see that an empty tomb would be a bit boring.

Surely we can find a way to enjoy the eggs, bunny cards and a festive Spring-time blowout while recognising the religious ificance of the occasion. TV Films. Funeral Notices Horoscopes Offers Newsletter up. Voucher codes Asos Nike Argos.

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Sexy easter man

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Sexy Easter