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On Facebook Tuesday, Joyce Ladner , a former interim president of Howard University, posted a notice about the death of actor Sherman Hemsley of television's "The Jeffersons" and praised him as "out and proud. The blog post the retired administrator referenced never offered evidence that Hemsley was gay, although it said, " [Hemsley], who never married, was reportedly an out and proud gay man. He had no children. Hemsley, who was 74, died in his El Paso, Texas, home the day after Sally Ride , the first American woman to go into space, succumbed after a month battle with pancreatic cancer.

Ride waited until her death to announce that she was gay. Ride's marriage to fellow astronaut Steve Hawley ended in divorce five years later. David Crary wrote Wednesday for the Associated Press, "As details trickled out after Ride's death on Monday, it became clear that a circle of family, friends and co-workers had long known of the same-sex relationship and embraced it. For many millions of others, who admired Ride as the first American woman in space, it was a revelation — and it sparked a spirited discussion about privacy vs. The initial reports were low-key.

Still, the two deaths raise questions about the relevancy of sexual orientation in an obituary and the criteria for including it. The questions are raised in an era in which the distinction among "citizen journalists," social media and traditional news outlets is blurring.

Ride's family disclosed her orientation in a statement announcing her death, acknowledging her partner of 27 years, Tam O'Shaughnessy. There was no such verification with Hemsley. However, the Advocate, a gay magazine, printed rumor.

The story also references a frequent but unsubstantiated rumor that Hemsley's sexual orientation led to problems on the set with Jeffersons costar [ Isabel ] Sanford. Most traditional news outlets left Hemsley's personal life alone.

David A. He said he was speaking for himself, not for the association, which has taken no position on the issue. I think the New York Times handled it about right in the context of an obituary. We also included the information in the traditional place, at the end, as we would with anyone else.

You can't ask him, and he never said anything on the subject. Again, just personal opinion, but I'm not sure an obituary is the place to include rumors, never confirmed, about someone from decades before. I don't have anything on him. People don't like to pry. They wouldn't pester him about stuff. That's what his friends were saying. It was a sentiment Ride would likely appreciate. She wanted to get the job done.

Her personal feelings were just that: personal. Not right or wrong — simply Sally. Everyone who knows her well really got that about her. Eric Deggans blog, Tampa Bay Fla. Tom Joyner , blackamericaweb. Sherman Hemsley. Ronda Racha Penrice , theGrio. More than 1, friends, colleagues and admirers came to Washington's stately National Cathedral Thursday to honor William J.

Raspberry , the retired Washington Post columnist who died at 76 of prostate cancer on July They heard him eulogized as a pundit who liked to defy expectations, an upholder of traditional values, a wise dad and a newsroom resource who at the Post complemented Robert C. Maynard , a co-founder of the Maynard Institute for Journalism Education who was a reporter and later ombudsman at the Post.

Maynard," said Dorothy Gilliam , a Post veteran and board member of the Maynard Institute, "Bill was dedicated to improving the quality of journalism. Bill's approach was to improve the presentation and the representation of diverse ideas. Bob impacted the media industry directly, training journalists and managers of color and also trying to improve coverage of minorities in media. Donald E. Jordan Jr. He never modified an opinion to please a boss, to sell a column or to become a TV star.

He was a leader of no group whatsoever. He was happiest rowing against the current of everyone else's opinion. Jordan, who said he and Raspberry were the same age and met 46 years ago, said the columnist "told some unpleasant truths" and "had a way of telling you to go to hell and look forward to the trip. Raspberry's conservative streak was a good thing, the Rev. Canon John T. Harmon said in his homily. He would write often about the value of the good old days.

He was writing and speaking of the old-time religion. Raspberry's column ran in the Post for nearly 40 years before he retired in More than newspapers carried his syndicated columns. His readers quickly knew how he felt. We learned how to think, we learned how to write, we learned how to listen, and above all, perhaps, we learned that you can stand up for your views and still respect the views of others and respect the people who disagree with you. The Post sponsored a reception at the Post building attended by past and present employees, other journalists, community members and politicians.

Donate until it hurts. John DeLashmutt , head usher for the nearly three-hour Episcopal service, counted the attendees at 1, Joel Dreyfuss , theRoot. Jeff Jacoby , Boston Globe: The rush to politicize a tragedy. Martin G. Reynolds , former editor of the Oakland Tribune and now engagement editor in the Digital First West Region, delivered a comedy rap at a ceremony for winners of the Bay Area News Group's quarterly awards.

It was posted online Tuesday. Reynolds also owns Bop City Pacific , whose mission is "to capture life, politics, passion, angst, joy, pain, love and family [within] the lyrics we write, the songs we produce and the performances we present. Early voting closed July 16; voting reopens on-site next week at the Unity Journalists convention Aug. Paul Cheung and Janet Cho are running for national president in a replay of the contest for vice president-print. Cho beat Cheung then by one vote, to AAJA currently has 1, members. Although their contest is not as contentious as that taking place in the National Association of Hispanic Journalists — on Wednesday, one campaign accused the other of tweeting false statements at electNAHJ12 — there are clear differences between Cheung and Cho.

Asked his position on the name change and the admission of NLGJA to Unity, Cheung, global interactive editor for the Associated Press, told Journal-isms by in May, "Since NLGJA's admission to UNITY and the name change are decided already, it's vital for me to focus on the goals of my presidency: how to include more minorities and journalism leaders in shaping the future of our industry.

Asked why Journal-isms readers should care about the outcome, Cheung replied with this message:. Supporting AAJA is a smart business solution and not a cost center. On her campaign , Cho, a business reporter for the Plain Dealer in Cleveland, wrote:. Every day, via their web sites and social media, AAJA members break news, mentor students, flag outrageous coverage of Asian American issues, and share amazing stories and images in imaginative new ways. I co-founded the Florida Chapter, spearheaded fund-raising drives, and wrote last year's book commemorating AAJA's 30th anniversary.

Elrick , vice chairman of the Free Press unit of the Detroit Newspaper Guild, says he's worried about the talent the paper will lose after its next round of buyouts ," Mallary Jean Tenore wrote Tuesday for the Poynter Institute. In an interview, Elrick wondered how diversity will affect the Free Press. One of the great casualties of the newspaper economic crisis has been staff diversity. We used to hear about it all the time. Never,' Elrick said. It seems these days that bosses mainly care about color when it comes to inks: red, black and green.

Some told us in letters to the editor, s and phone calls that by portraying the child as identifiably black and using the word 'they,' it fed into racial stereotypes at a time when emotions were running particularly high. Some even thought it was making light of the shooting, as though subjecting a month-old child to this kind of violence as happened in Scarborough isn't serious.

In hindsight, though, we should have been more aware that the cartoon could be read in a way that would reinforce stereotypes. The original wording said, 'injuries expected before children are two:' but he changed the word 'children' to 'they' because it looked better visually. And also, to me, it fit the flavour of the parenting books 'What To Expect. No replacement has been announced. She left the station for a few years in the mids before returning to Detroit.

I thank God I am healthy, I feel good. I am looking forward to the next chapter in my life. I did it my way,' she said. It's time for a new chapter for me. I want to relax and cook and do some things with my husband. He has been honored with an Emmy award, several regional Emmy nominations, two Telly awards, several Associated Press awards and honors from the Society of Professional Journalists.

Her role there grew to include shooting, producing and editing video for the web. Her responsibilities at the Daily News eventually expanded to include developing various social media and multimedia practices for the paper. Corey Dade , a current NABJ board member, wrote on Facebook, "She proves that people with strategically important skills that are in demand can withstand the industry churn and emerge on top! Short Takes. Morgan graduated summa cum laude from Savannah State University in , where she received a B. She served as editor-in-chief of the infrequently published student newspaper, The Tiger's Roar, and deed and edited the university's creative arts journal, Estuary.

Sun-Times editor-in-chief Jim Kirk said the paper will be looking for new ways to cover the African-American community. The Public Relations Society of America " views the issuance of a news release as giving implicit consent to re-use and publish the news release's content ," Gerard F.

Corbett , the society's chair and CEO, wrote Friday. But is it really necessary to attribute dates and times or other general information contained within a press release, when this information is provided specifically for the purpose of publication? Not really. Providing context, even in a simple pull-out box containing a brief summary of the legal questions and findings in the case, may have saved Ebony some grief.

Not all, but some. Check the linked story for some of the titles. Among the outlets were "Tell Me More" and theRoot. But it can't really be said that Nega dodged a bullet, because the year sentence is really a death sentence — in effect for his work and for freedom of speech in Ethiopia.

Sherman helmsley gay

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