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Jesus christ since when is this considered trashy? Im a right winger myself and I would go there just because of that lmaoooo. The Memorial Coliseum where the dipstick in chief had a rally is across the street from this strip club and they put up this to "welcome" him. In addition to this, another strip club around the corner known for being controversial in the area for their spotlights in the sky and large, bright actually had Stormy Daniels there one night.

Did Stormy go to another area club? Even visiting the other club was cause to be fired. It was serious. Yes, she was at Club 44 a bit down the road a while before the Trump rally. This was probably around the time Trump had a speech there so they were really trying to drum up business! That's exactly what it was. I laughed my ass off driving by that , but could never get a pic of it. I like the cut of this place jib. Found the internet!

Posted by 3 years ago. Sort by: best. That's just funny, not trashy. Continue this thread. This just gets better and better. Source: I am from Fort Wayne. On Coliseum, next to chipotle, home sweet home. That's actually great. Also, 3 has gone downhill. She actually came to the one in my city. Classy Indiana. More posts from the trashy community. Trashy stories, trashy glamour, all things fake, plastic, and downright trashy, low-class, no-class, white trash, bimbos, and damn proud.

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Showgirl iii fort wayne in

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