Skins gay scene

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Or, rather, the show itself is becoming irrelevant. Second, the fact that his girlfriend Michelle is awake during the scene gives her a whole new perspective on her boyfriend, placing an onus on her to evaluate his maturity and, in the process, her own. Third, meanwhile, we see that Maxxie remains a well-adjusted, normal human being who is capable of being seduced in a moment of weakness — fueled by tension with his best friend over his sexuality — but also capable of calling Tony out on his poor performance and walking away. As Tea faces a crisis of identity, finding herself bored and non-committal with the girls she sleeps with, she ends up on a blind date with Tony as they fall into an alcohol-fueled trance.

The moment feels inherently less transgressive, at least on the surface. The role of transgressor, then, is played by Tea, but how transgressive is an impulsive play at sexual conformity? Michelle, meanwhile, is entirely unaware of the events which transpired, robbing her of a key piece of characterization which added necessary depth to her relationship with Tony. Put simply, the meaning of the scenes between Tony and Maxxie, both to the characters involved and to the series as a whole, is sorely absent from this particular storyline. He shared a spotlight episode with Anwar, and even that episode was the Russian travelogue which lacked the same level of introspection allowed some of the other characters.

In fact, it spent considerably more time unpacking the morning after, and the sense of unease therein. She tiptoes around her grandmother, but she is less closeted than she is cloistered — her family knows about her sexuality, and even seems to accept it, but have limitations to the role it will play in their daily lives. It is about the nature of attraction, as the dancing from the earlier date is mirrored in the loft as both characters find themselves swept up in the moment.

But when focused on Tea, this was Skins at its finest: focused, complex, and at least moderately distinctive. Filed under Skins. Man, this is extremely well written and incredibly insightful. I have my own conceptions about the Skins remake, as a fan of the original, but I will be referring to your write-ups hopefully after each episode?

I think MTV is homophobic when it comes to sexuality between men. But you see homosexuality being represented in the vein of Maxxie everywhere else on TV — white, male, and conventionally attractive. Tea at least is a solid character and she struck a chord with me. Personally as a bisexual myself I know that it can sometimes be harder to be bi than it is to be gay. You cop a lot of flack from both sides not straight enough for the straight people and not gay enough for the gay people.

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Not quite as dynamic. The scenes with the grandmother felt a tad bit manipulative, in the way they played with her supposed dementia before shifting into reality in that final bedroom sequence, but I think they worked well enough in the end. My DVR actually cut off the last couple of minutes, so I just sort of pd that the phone call at the end ended where it began — if not, do let me know. Share this: Twitter Tumblr Facebook.

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Skins gay scene

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