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So for the new Skyrim Character Building Event, I opted to do a build based on Uthgerd the Unbroken and it wasn't enough for me to just run around, only playing with Uthgerd's skills. I had to BE Uthgerd. Hang out at the Bannered Mare, live next to Amren, be a member of the community of Whiterun. Part of the process of becomming Uthgerd in my build was actually living in Uthgerd's house.

I knew that she was a follower and a candidate from marriage in the game and that you could move into her house upon marrying her. I fought with Uthgerd, took her as a follower. Then I obtained the key to her house and then killed my doppelgaenger,. Afterwards, I cleaned out everything in her house that wasn't nailed down, and then served my jail sentence for another roleplaying reason , but at the same time, I conducted a test, taking advantage of the interior cell I was placed in that was my jail cell to conduct my test.

No respawn - some dungeons and interior cells and containers are set to not respawn regardless of how much in game time has passed. Entering cells that feature the respawn rate of either s 2 or 3 "resets" the clock. So technically, you can play a timing game and use these respawning containers if you enter and reset the clock before the time before it's set to respawn expires. I waited a total of 36 day in the jail cell of Whiterun's dungeon.

When I was released from jail, I made my way to Uthgerd's house and I will report my findings here. Now, please be aware that while I found "safe" storage, this was in my game. I play with the Unofficial patches which could well effect what is considered safe versus unsafe storage. Peforming the test on your own really won't take too much time, about 30 minutes or less actual real time, I'm not sure. It wasn't long at all.

Uthgerd's house can be found if you take the first left upon entering the gates of Whiterun, through the stone archway. When you exit the archway, it'll be immediately to your right. It's interesting, because Uthgerd and Amren's house sort of form an interesting in game "duplex" and this will be important later when we discuss crafting. It has two levels, though the ground level is much larger than the more "loft-like" top level. There is really not much in the way of loot, some gold and common items.

In fact, Uthgerd is so poor that the Thieves Guild has marked her home with an "empty" shadowmark. Poor dear. I decided that what was safe and what was not was best done by taking screenshots of the containers of the house and then boxing or circling with either green safe or red unsafe to indicate which containters were usable for an extended period of time.

The first image is the entrance of Uthgerd's house. The items boxed include two large sacks, a barrel, an end table, and a dresser. The items boxed in green were revealed to be empty after a 36 day wait. A note on this first dress just to the right of the door. Some of the items you store there are then marked as red when you view them in the dresser's inventory. However, when you remove the items, they do not count as stealing in your game, nor are they marked as stolen when they appear in your inventory. Next containers in the lower level are a large cupboard next to the fire and a desk.

Both these containers did not respawn, though the items on top of and around them did. Heading to the upper level of Uthgerd's house yields four more containers that did not respawn. A Noble wardrobe and a chest in the small hallway in the upper level's loft.

And in the bedroom are a dresser and a nightstand next to the bed. The bed also gives a "rested" bonus, though, lol, I'm trying to imagine how Uthgerd fits in there with any in game spouse. The chest below also lists "stolen" items like the dresser at the entrance does. I was actually pleasantly surprised by the relatively little unsafe storage I encountered.

I have the mapping for them below. I would not advise putting anything in these containers. In general, chests are still leery for me, even though I did encounter one "safe" one. I, however, am returning frequently enough that the respawn time is never really triggered. The containers that respawned included two large sacks, a chest under the stairs leading to the loft, and a barrel behind a non-respawning sack indicated by the arrow. Upstairs only saw the dagger display respawning with two iron daggers. I've been living in her house for quite a few in game days now, and I'm pretty confident that if you don't stay away too long, just to be safe, you can use her house without issues, just avoid storing in the respawning containers.

But, storage and a bed is not all that is needed to live successfully. What I thought was very cool about living as Uthgerd in her house is that she doesn't have access to any crafting inside her home, which is very normal for a regular citizen of the town, but there are quite a few options available in Whiterun if you want to craft. Cooking : I'm not sure if things are different between a patched and unpatched game, but I found a cooking pot at Belethor's two , Heimskr's house, Bannered Mare, Carlotta's house, most other resisdents, and of course, Dragonsreach.

But did you know that Amren has one too? And that's just a door down in the same "duplex" building that Uthgerd lives in. Complete Amren's quest and he will allow you in his home and use some of his things, including the cooking pot. Wood chopping : Just outside the Bannered Mare and behind Belethor's general goods. Smithing: Two options, but really the best and closest is Adrianne's.

With a full forge and a smelter, this is only a quick walk across the street. I still have a bit of work to do yet. Will edit the original post when I get home from work. Thanks, down the road, I can see myself mapping more places, but I was testing this for the build, so I thought might as well get a post up. Very detailed and thorough, and incredibly imaginative to even come up with the idea. Sorry I missed it! In honour of this, Uthgerd will be the first new member inducted into the Blades.

I shall give her a life of meaning and purpose once again :D Then after odd days, I will see if I can take over her house or if she really has to die I'll come back to Skyrim soon though. Really pretty much now know that Survivor mode is my mode. Took a few false starts though.

Lissette Long-Chapper said:. Uthgerd doesn't need an event to get posted, it's a great concept and so she can wait until you return from the wastes : Enjoy Fallout, your log thingy is the first of its kind for that game, so new road is paved regardless ; Fallout depresses the shit out of me, all that desolation and emptiness Up Menu.

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Skyrim uthgerd the unbroken house

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