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In. Strike the Blood —. Hide Spoilers. Tweekums 5 April Outwardly protagonist Kojou Akatsuki seems just like any other sixteen year old boy; indeed that is what he was until he became the 'Fourth Progenitor'; the most powerful vampire! Others are understandably wary of his powers so 'sword shaman' Yukina Himeragi is sent to observe him and, should he show s of becoming dangerous, kill him.

The vampires in this series aren't quite like others; they have the power to summon familiars; huge supernatural beasts, although initially Kojou can't as he has yet to drink human blood. The series is broken up into several arcs; each featuring a different menace but Kojou and his friends should be able to defeat them if they stick together. The animation and character des are up to the standard one would expect from such a series; especially during the impressive fight scenes. These comments are based on watching the series in Japanese with English subtitles. Was this review helpful?

Irishchatter 20 August I think this anime was entertaining with magic and fighting scenes involved but I felt as well that it was unoriginal at the same time. I think i felt it was copied with the likes of Sword Art Online, Chivalry of a Failed Knight, Angel Beats, Vampire Knight and anything related as magical fantasy action romance stuff that you'd normally see. Speaking of the romance part of this anime, it reminded me of Twlight with Kojou as the heroic vampire and Asagi as the swordsman human.

Also with having their daughter Moegi involved as their half vampire half human child. I bet Bella and Edward are quaking right now haha! Yeah this anime is really a hit and miss for me, it really would've had the potential to be better if it did have better writers or any team that would help them make it the best. However I think it was just bad luck that it did seem like it was copied from other animators work and of course, other writers story instead of their own! Does this show have complex and interesting characters?

Does it have groundbreaking new plot lines never before seen? Is it still really enjoyable? To me, it was. I had a lot of fun with this show, even if it was only enjoyable on the surface. Sometimes I just want to watch something with pretty colors, fan service, and fun action scenes. This show fits those 3 things pretty well. Not everyone will like it, and I completely understand why.

I really liked this show and I still have some problems with it. At the beginning, the main character ,Koujou, can't remember why he was turned into a vampire, and it was never explained. That drove me nuts. Doesn't help that I'm fairly sure there were other things like this in the show. Also the structure of the plot does start to test your patience with its repetitiveness, as it does not change the entire show. Thankfully, I don't feel like it dragged it out too long though. So, is the show great? Absolutely not. It's just enjoyable and if you need something mindless, then this isn't a bad choice.

Demon Angle and the Vampire may be vampire included in the Demon Definition. The Episode is interesting and also full of Vampire fantasy but orgin did not clear at here. Vampire live in mask which is vampire king kind of thing and the vampire hero need more blood and this vampire live to drink different blood for sake for unlock different power he have and sometime they are not usual drinking stuff. But still he is very much beginner to controlling his power and lust for blood kind off. Hero have a stalker but that doesn't think how to do that. And many girl around him that able to do some kind blood donate stuff and hero gain popularity with girls.

Unusual love story also kind of crazy but very twisted good to watch. Go into this expecting a B- series w just cheesy cringey dialogue and sub par animation. But very easy to consume anime. It's an enjoyable series. Although I couldn't understand some logics, I did enjoy the series. It's a good series to watch if you wanna spend some time. One of my most favorite animes..

Miloschouten 8 February Akatsuki was prior to his transformation only a simple high school student before his predecessor put her spirit inside of him giving him the ultimate power of being a 4th Progenitor.

Only 3 other vampires in the world have such a power, the power is so great that Akatsuki threatens the balance of the world. I love this anime not only duo to the fact that they put vampires into a totally new and incredible light giving Progenitor's magical "beasts" to control who could easily destroy a city. But also cause their many more supernatural beings roaming the earth from Angels, Homoculus Mages, Warlocks, you name it!

However the anime does fit the genre Harem a little similar to High School DXD but then more innocent, Visuals are great, characters are great and action is amazing. IanHowler 6 June But to those who don't, allow me to elaborate: Here's what I liked: The concept of the series was somewhat interesting to me at first, before I ever actually watched it: A high schooler because when you're in an average Dengeki Bunko anime, that's just what you do for main characters named Akatsuki Kojou lives on a completely man made island known as Itogami Island.

But surprise surprise he has a secret he has to hide from even his closest friends: He's a vampire. Not just any regular vampire, either, he is what's known as the Fourth Progenitor, which apparently makes him one of the most, if not THE most powerful vampire s of all time. As a result, a secret, shady, religious organization known as The Lion King Organization ass a young girl named Yukina Himeragi to be Kojou's Observer, which in a nutshell, means she has to make sure he doesn't do anything out of line, and if he does do anything out of line, her mission is to kill him.

Kojou also starts out with no control over almost all of his vampire abilities, especially in the case of his Familiars. In order to master his control over his dormant abilities, he has to suck people's blood after getting aroused. This idea would be pretty cool if it weren't for the whole arousal part of the deal. I guess there were only three things I admittedly liked in the entire show. In this story arc, we got a character who went back in time to prevent some sort of evil force from destroying her future. The catch? Turns out this girl just so happens to be from a future in which Kojou and Himeragi finally dropped the act and had a kid I thought it was a nice touch.

The second thing I liked was Kojou and Himeragi's double-act-catchphrase at the near end of literally every single story arc. While it was too overused for my tastes, I will admit, it was a pretty hardcore line delivery: Akatsuki Kojou: "From now on, this is my fight!

This is OUR fight! While the song's title might sound like nothing original, at the very least, it temporarily distracted me from the parts I disliked throughout the rest of this show. Here's what I didn't like: The plot itself is It sucks, there's no better way for me to put it. To sum it up, the story becomes your standard vampire story of course with anime tropes and elements mixed in after the 1st episode, in that the secondary main character, Yukina Himeragi, winds up falling in love with the main character as the series progresses, Akatsuki Kojou.

More importantly, as the story progresses, more characters get introduced just about every story arc, which normally I wouldn't mind. However, nearly every new character introduced who is "important" to the main plot of each story arc is a female, and as ly mentioned, since Kojou needs to be aroused to awaken his abilities, he winds up getting a bunch of other women to fall in love with him unintentionally as the show progresses. Something else I didn't like was how the endings of nearly every single story arc felt almost exactly the same to me.

They even went as far as to make Kojou and Himeragi do their double-act catchphrase I quoted earlier at the near end of every single fight scene at the end of literally every story arc. And these fight scenes almost always involved Kojou fighting some big monster or something while Himeragi fought a primary villain usually controlling said monster in some form or another. Another thing I didn't like was just how far they were willing to show Kojou and the other female's "sexy vampire" scenes They went on for a bit longer than I feel they should have. I honestly felt really uncomfortable watching them.

Strike The Blood was a series that was so sexually explicit especially after it started getting released direct-to-video it made me want to take an axe, break into the residences of everyone and anyone who still possesses a copy of this series, smash a hole through the middle of the disc, and say, "HERE'S IAN!!!

All just to spare them from this abomination of a series known as Strike The Blood. This series has complex love romance, and action and other things are pretty awesome. Create a list ». Ecchi Anime. Favourite Science Fiction series. See all related lists ». Share this :. Clear your history.

Strike the blood nudity

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