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I'm a photography student at UNT and I am interested in doing a project over male and female strippers. I would photograph them if they're comfortable with it in their personal spaces, and then also at work. My hope is to procure enough photographs of different individuals to have a book working with the idea of 'Stripped Bare' as a title where I can also publish interviews with them and their words. I've already called half of the strip clubs in DFW and if I don't get hung up on, I get told to fuck off then get hung up on.

Can you just go to the strip clubs and ask the girls yourself, in person? I did, and the manager told me that I should just call. But I guess I could try that again. I had a girlfriend who was writing a paper on strippers, and went to the strip club part of dallas in the afternoon on a Friday and got in free to the 1st place we went.

We didn't even have to try very hard to find some girls that gave us pretty good interviews. Be prepared to compensate the girls for their time. They'll appreciate. Why strippers? I imagine you want physically attractive people or did you want them on a pole or in some kind of lingerie? It's more because of the taboo behind it. I'm not interested in their appearance, just their personal experiences and how they portray them selves.

The craigslist idea is a good one, and I have posted an ad, but I haven't had any interest yet! Found the internet! Anyone know any strippers? Posted by 8 years ago. Hey everyone! EDIT: I'm also a girl, if that makes any difference. Sort by: best. Continue this thread. Thank you for the advice! Look for Sean Sparks. Thank you!!! More posts from the Denton community. The official subreddit for the City of Denton, TX. Created Aug 9, Top posts august 12th Top posts of august, Top posts Back to Top.

Strip club denton

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