Tales from the crypt lumberjack episode

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Having recently married Steve Dixon Brion James , the hot-tempered manager of a lumber camp, waitress Liz Michelle Johnson remains unable to alleviate her perpetual boredom. When Ted—a handsome and physically fit contestant in a local woodcutting competition—arrives at the camp, Liz plays a dangerous game of seduction in order to entertain herself. Also worth praising, a brutal but satisfying twist in the final scene will appeal to those with a compelling desire for justice. The performance of James will thus evoke a primal sense of terror from viewers of a sensitive nature, especially when coupled with the inarticulate, partially slurred accusations made by Steve following his transformation into a raving lunatic.

The absence of a sympathetic and fully developed protagonist may, however, prevent the audience from caring about the severe threat posed by Steve. Liz, a promiscuous and remarkably disloyal wife. Especially commendable is the character of Steve, whose presence embodies a more fearsome quality than that of any fictitious monster featured in Tales from the Crypt.

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Tales from the crypt lumberjack episode

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