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In. Tarzan's Secret Treasure Hide Spoilers. MartinHafer 25 February The film begins with Boy Johnny Sheffield discovering gold nuggets while swimming. When Jane Maureen O'Sullivan tells him about the things people in the civilized world do with that gold, Boy decides to head to the city to buy something with his new treasure. Unfortunately, the kid is naive and doesn't realize that men will do just about anything for the rocks.

So, when he meets up with four men from a scientific expedition, he doesn't realize that two of them will get gold fever and threaten to destroy this jungle family. At the same time, a real fever plague strikes. Can these evil men be defeated and goodness reign supreme?

While this is a very well-written episode, it also worked well because of the wonderful supporting cast. All four of the white men in the expedition are well-established MGM supporting actors Reginald Owen, Barry Fitzgerald, Tom Conway and Philip Dorn and their experience add a bit of class and quality to the film. The only negatives, and I noticed them because I recently watched ALL the MGM Tarzan films, is that several of the scenes such as the crocodile fightand the vicious way the natives murder the porters were recycled from earlier films in an effort to save money.

Still, it was enjoyable and once again proves that people really can be jerks! Was this review helpful? In Tarzan's Secret Treasure Johnny Sheffield finds gold at the bottom of the river where he and the family are out for their morning dip. The Boy knows nothing of what the yellow stuff is and Tarzan could care less as it doesn't effect his style of living, but Jane knows and wants it kept secret for all concerned.

A scientific expedition saves young Sheffield from the clutches of a savage tribe and Johnny Weissmuller is naturally grateful. But when the kid gives away the secret of the gold two of the white men, Tom Conway and Phillip Dorn get real greedy as Maureen O'Sullivan knew they would. Not even the protestations of the expedition leader Reginald Owen dissuades the other two, in fact they withhold fever medicine from him so Owen dies.

This episode of the Tarzan saga is nicely done and contains every kind of jungle peril out there, savage native tribes, attacking rhinoceros, lions, elephants and crocodiles. The last two figure in a very exciting climax when Tarzan puts things right in his jungle paradise.

Tarzan's Secret Treasure also features a very droll performance by Barry Fitzgerald as a most lucky Irishman who was along on the expedition. Fitzgerald's character has a good heart and does earn Tarzan's gratitude for services above and beyond. But as the film ends I believe Weissmuller and O'Sullivan are trusting a bit much to man's better nature in regard to him. All in all, not too bad a Tarzan film. Enjoyable Tarzan movie , plenty of action , adventures and quite entertaining. The picture concerns a naive Tarzan Johnny Weissmuller in his loincloth , living his fairy tale with Jane Parker Maureen O'Sullivan and cohabiting in unmarried bliss , this situation being really criticized by Hays Code.

Tarzan , then , saves an expedition from a savage tribe , only to be repaid by having the mean hunters Tom Conway , Philip Dorn , Reginald Owen hold Jane and spunky ten-year-old Boy Johnny Sheffield hostage. As Boy is tricked by evil hunters and abandoning his parents. As the greedy explorers scheme heinous plans and want Boy's help in finding a secret cache of gold. Thus , Tarzan -helped by O'Doul Barry FitzGerald and Cheeta- , now he to jungle in order to save the boy and gets into trouble with bad guys and cannibal tribes. But Tarzan doesn't take kindly to threat and kidnap to his family and executes against the evil-doers an extreme lesson.

The movie is dubiously faithful to Edgar Rice Borroughs story. It contains noisy action , sensational adventures , many angry natives , nasty white hunters , hungry lions and wonderful outdoors , though mostly shot in Hollywood studios. Well starred by Johnny Weissmuller , Maureen O'Sullivan Johnny Sheffield , both of them bring wit and style to their classic characters. However , Johnny Weissmuller is better Olympic swimmer than actor. And , of course , special mention for the likable Chimpanzee Cheeta that steals the show , giving some humorous moments with his antics , frolics and mayhem.

As usual , there are the obvious uses of stock footage due to many budget cutbacks following the death of Irving Thalberg many stock shots regarding wild animal sequences from former movies were used , such as intervention of a well trained Lion and a Chimpanzee ex-professed for the film. The sets and production de are visually appealing , including a brilliant cinematography by Clyde De Vinna. The motion picture was decently directed by Richard Thorpe. Van Dyke , this one being the definitive Tarzan movie , the original of the long series. These stories were lavishly produced by M.

This formulaic fifth outing for Weissmuller and O'Sullivan proves that the series' writers were already starting to struggle for fresh ideas, the film being not much more than a messy hodge-podge of themes and footage lifted from the four movies. This time around, Tarzan's idyllic jungle life comes under threat from a pair of greedy scientists, Medford Tom Conway and Vandermeer Philip Dorn , who discover the existence of a rich vein of gold running through the escarpment on which the ape-man lives.

Realising the villains' true intentions—to mine the region for its hidden wealth—Tarzan refuses to reveal the exact location of the main seam, but when the bad guys kidnap his woman, Jane O'Sullivan , and adopted son, Boy Johnny Sheffield , he has no option but to comply—at least until he gets the upper hand and once again calls his elephant pals for some help.

It pains me to say it, because I love Weissmuller's Tarzan movies, but this particular adventure is fairly tiresome: Medford's villainy is patently obvious from the get-go after all, he does wear a pencil-thin moustache and a slimy smirk on his face ; Irish light relief O'Doul Barry Fitzgerald is fun, but is easily bested by Cheetah, the real comedian of the series the hairy beast gets drunk this time and walks on her hands—priceless! On a more positive note, director Richard Thorpe does achieve a fair amount of tension, especially as Boy crosses a deep ravine on a fallen tree and when Tarzan launches an underwater attack on some nasty natives' canoes, and it's almost impossible not to enjoy Cheetah being catapulted over a gorge with a vine in order to rescue our hero from a precarious ledge.

Oh, and that weird bird from Tarzan Escapes makes another appearance; I can't get enough of that guy! All that glitters Tarzan's secret treasure is not the gold they find in the water. In "Tarzan escapes" we had already seen Jane meeting her English cousins and displaying no interest in the rich inheritance.

The beginning of the movie displays a true garden of Eden ,where you can have what you want for nothing ,so why bother to make money or use gold? This Rousseauesque side is all that makes these Tarzan movies with Weissmuller so endearing ;all the other ones are mediocre adventures flicks ,without heart and without emotion.

It's only natural that Boy wants to know what civilization is. The movies the men from the cities show is good propaganda. This scene takes us back to the prehistory of cinema ,when the Lumiere bros' shorts used to scare the crowds who were afraid to get run over by a train. It seems that some scenes the first victims of the nasty tribe were taken from "Tarzan escapes". These black and white Tarzan movies have no contender ,with the possible exception of "Greystoke:the legend of Tarzan" The plot gets going when a swimming Sheffield finds gold in the jungle king's pool. Greedy white people and spear-chucking natives threaten young Sheffield, bringing Johnny Weissmuller as Tarzan into action.

Whisky-soaked Barry Fitzgerald as O'Doul swings ahead of the guest stars. Watch "Cheeta" get drunk on Mr. Fitzgerald's Irish blend. Yes, a drunken monkey can walk a straight line on his hands. This one's nicely photographed, but obviously heavy on borrowed plots, reaction shots and stock footage. The plot has Boy discovering gold in a river. Tarzan and Jane of course don't need it but when a group of explorers come through on their way to a plague site their greed is brought out and all sorts of nastiness occurs.

For me this film is a mixed bag with much of the first half repeating variations on things that have happened in the films jungle romp, torture by natives, etc , though this time with Boy and Cheetah instead of Tarzan and Jane. The film perks up once the explorers come in and the villainous ones, led by the ever wonderful Tom Conway, begin to try and do away with everyone.

The climatic battle on the river is high light to the film, though it weakly trots out the alligator fight that has been in least two other films in the series. A good film thats very middle of the pack as Tarzan films go. Worth a look on cable or with a second feature. I've a almost a complete Tarzan's collection including some rariest movies, at MGM Johnny Weissmuller made a fine early pictures, but in this one seems like a plyaground forest, an utopian life, so many childsh scenes with Cheeta and Boy, Johnny is getting older and becomes a bit dumb, the screenplay is very badly written, who save the picture is Barry Fitzgerald as irish funny character O'Doull, he is a good reference to allow at least few good moments to enjoy for this weak production that was down the hill in that time!!

Unlike the movies released between and , this entry plays more for the juvenile crowd, having the story revolving more around Boy than on his adoptive parents, and concentrating more on fast-pace adventure along with recycled animal fighting scenes lifted from films, but with limitations of violence.

The story begins typically as the jungle family is seen swimming under water where Boy discovers gold on the bottom. Learning of its true value from Jane, the curious Boy later sneaks away, accompanied by Cheetah, to venture the outside world of civilization. After a few close calls involving wild animals and crossing a tree stump over a cliff that may break in half, Boy meets an African native boy named Tumbo Cordell Hickman , who, after saving him from being chased by a rhino, is taken to his village.

Because Tumbo's mother has died of the plague, the angry Ubardi tribe believe Boy responsible for her death, thus capturing and tying him to wooden poles where he is placed to be sacrificed by being burned alive. Just in the nick of time, a group of researchers scare away the tribe by driving their jeep through their village and honking the horn. It is only after Boy shows off his piece of gold do Medford and Vandermeer show s of greed, turning against Tarzan for refusing to lead them to the secret treasure, and scheming to do away with him as well as holding Jane and Boy hostage until they get what they want.

Production values by MGM standards still good, and cast quite impressive, especially by the major attractions of Weissmuller, O'Sullivan and Sheffield as the jungle family, along with supporting MGM stock players, headed by Reginald Owen.

One interesting scene involving Jane and Boy as they are seated in separate canoes with their hands tied behind their backs surrounded by natives, with Boy, falling out of the canoe where he is then seen sitting at the bottom of the river struggling to loosen the ropes that bind him while Tarzan tries desperately to reach him in time before he drowns. Suspense builds as Tarzan meets with delays as he not only dodges spears thrown at him by the tribe, but fighting off crocodiles getting in his way.

One can imagine the roars and cheers in the movie houses at that time. As usual, intruders enter the scene, at first in good faith, until some of them become untrustworthy when learning of priceless gold on Tarzan's domain.

Of the expedition team, there is usually one trusting soul, in this instance the drunken Irishman named O'Doul, wonderfully played by Barry Fitzgerald. Although it appears that Tumbo might remain as part of Tarzan's family as well as becoming Boy's best friend, his character would never reappear in future installments.

One thing that is certain, aside from the frequent Tarzan ape calls is Cheetah the chimp around for assurance in aiding one of the characters as well as providing well intentional humor. The Tarzan legend lives on. Weissmuller made a dozen Tarzan films over sixteen years. Tarzan's Secret Treasure is just about in the middle of that run, and Weissmuller is a bit older and "thicker" but still has the muscular look of Tarzan.

I always liked the Tarzan films when I was young and regretted that Weissmuller never had the opportunity to become John Clayton, Lord Greystoke, but remained a monosyllabic Tarzan. Regardless, Tarzan's Secret Treasure is an enjoyable Tarzan entry even though there is little new here; however, the rescue of Jane and boy and the fight with crocodiles is worth it at the film's end. Good film to kick back with on a winter weekend or rainy weekend and sofa down with popcorn and just go along for the fun. The group, as usual, runs afoul angry natives, and Tarzan has to rescue all of the white people from the racist native stereotypes.

Racist stereotypes of native people never come off well to modern eyes, but besides that ugliness, this remains an entertaining Tarzan adventure, particularly when you have George Sander's real-life sound-alike brother as one of the villains. I really enjoyed this one even if the formula at work here had gotten a little predictable Great fun! Favorite scenes: O'Doul outsmarts a crocodile I watched this movie today. I found it on Netflix. I had forgotten how enjoyable this series was.

If one can keep their mind on the fact this was made long ago without computer graphics and fancy special effects it is quite enjoyable.

Tarzan tied up

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