Tera dressing room

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Mabinogi World Wiki is brought to you by Coty C. Want to make the wiki better? Contribute towards getting larger projects done on our Patreon! The world of style is getting a makeover! Dress up or dress down in the privacy of your virtual changing room, updating facial features or transitioning between outfits stored on your person or in your stash. Why waste time running errands between the bank, parlor, and nail salon when everything you need is at your delicately manicured fingertips?

Click a Pon coin to get started! Is your inventory getting cluttered by all your fashionable outfits? Well relief is here in the form of the Dressing Room. This update creates a new inventory just for your outfits, and lets you organize and swap them across all characters on your .

We're also scrapping the Beauty Shop and replacing it with the Appearance Change UI, which lets you customize your character's facial appearance on the fly. And say goodbye to Ropa! Now you can extend your style tab for 30 days with just the click of a button. Cookies help us deliver our services. Jump to: , search. Category : Game System. menu Personal tools Create Log in.

Namespaces Discussion. Views Read View source View history. Affiliates Our Patrons. This was last edited on 18 November , at Content is available under Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3. Why are you not taking care of these lovely, lovely clothes? I can't just watch you do this. On my honor as Simon, the greatest deer of all, I will teach you to appreciate your wardrobe. You will need to do exactly as I tell you. I'll see you in the Dressing Room.

Obtain Popo's Shirt and Pants. Complete the quest Dressing Room First Collection. You're better at following instructions then I expected. What do you think the keystone of fashion is? It's the face, of course. A perfect face sets off a perfect outfit. But don't be too discouraged. You'll be able to cover up that face with some items that I recommend.

And you'll need to cover it up real good. Collect a Tricolor Robe. Collect a Cruces Robe. Collect a Slender Robe. Complete the quest Dressing Room Second Collection. I am a little touched. I honestly never thought you would have such a talent for collecting. Perhaps you should try collecting something more challenging. Your wardrobe could use a little metal, I think. Collect the Print Casual Wear. Collect the Tera Adventurer Wear. Collect the Guardian Helm.

Complete the quest Dressing Room Third Collection. You are a glimmering jewel in the sea of collectors. I feel there is truly nothing left to teach you. Just collect tons of clothes. Collect 10 types of clothing. Collect 10 types of gloves. Collect 10 types of shoes. Collect 10 types of hats. Collect 10 types of robes.

Tera dressing room

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Tera Online: The Dressing Room