Tera how to make gold

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Complete combined guide. New player instance guide Beginner's guide to professions. You gain money in TERA by completing some of the quests some of them have no monetary reward associated with them , killing mobs and looting their corpses, selling excess inventory items to the Merchants or on the Trade Broker , or learning one or more professions. As you go up in level, both the quest rewards and the money from mobs increase, as a general rule.

The same rules apply, you get more money if the quest was more difficult. Right now the quests that will reward you gold are the Main Story quest in Red. Any Green quests are Dailies and will also yield gold as well as reputation. Any Yellow quests are side story and will only reward you tokens and reputation. Making money in TERA is not really possible under level During low leveling you end up using most money you earn from quests to upgrading you skills.

At 65 you have many more opportunities. Clearing a single dungeon can earn you gold and several rubies as daily reward. Generally this requires reaching level 65 and finishing the Apex quests. Guardian Legion can give you steady income. Fishing can give rewards with a bit planning You can sell up to 30 fish each day and 3 Fish Crates. If you aim for money, check local Fishmonger what fishes they buy today, and what you can fish.

You usually find fishery where you can sell all the catches. This was the way of dealing with bots and gold sellers. See Fishing for more info. Effective use of the trade broker can be a very lucrative source of income even for low level characters. Many experienced and wealthy players wish to experiment with crafting professions, but they don't want to go through the trouble of gathering the materials in low level zones.

Learning a crafting profession is more fun for many players than gathering, but making money with crafts can be more difficult. Raw materials will often sell for same money than finished products that you can create with a crafting skill. You can search the trade broker to discover how much is a reasonable rate to charge for your items.

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Tera how to make gold

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