The impossible sit up

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I had to participate in a summer exercise thing where we basically lived out of a giant tent and practiced using equipment and stuff we might see when deployed. There were about 12 guys sharing these giant tents, sleeping on cots, and we had nothing better to do after dark except goof around and play pranks on each other. The best prank I ever saw was the impossible sit up prank. Pete was a pretty cocky guy so he was perfect bait, and was instantly totally down to show us that nothing was impossible for him.

We showed him what the impossible sit up consisted of: you lay down in the sit up position, somebody holds a towel down over your face, and you try to do a sit up while they push down on the towel. We demonstrated this with some other cadets to show Pete how it worked. Pete was all in and excited and completely oblivious as to how this could turn into a prank. As Pete got down on the ground and someone laid a towel over his face, a fat british royal air force cadet who was doing the training with us stood over Pete and pulled his pants down to reveal his pudgy british buttcheeks.

Pure kinetic energy from the collision caused ripples of a shockwave across the butt. A satisfying slap reverberated around the tent, in a moment of stunned silence as we all witnessed the event. And then, suddenly, everybody in the tent was roaring with laughter. I honestly felt kind of bad for Pete, he was obviously pretty shook up afterwards but we shook his hand and told him he was a good sport and he was able to laugh with us about it later. I even got a picture of the moment of impact with an old point and shoot camera.

It was the most beautiful photo I have ever taken, but Pete made me delete the photo, which was probably for the best. Some things should never be shown to the outside world. Anyways, I think Pete is doing fine now. Want to share your own story? Submit Here.

The impossible sit up

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