Too many cucks

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Capitol building on Wednesday, and nobody else. So he stood outside the building with a crowd and sang the national anthem. Instead, it was antifa, the decentralized left-wing group that has become a bogeyman for Republican commentators and politicians, and for President Trump in particular. As early as p. The theory is false. There is no credible evidence of involvement by antifa, which is not an organized group and has been responsible for very little violence, while Gray and numerous other known MAGA figures actually were involved in the insurrection.

But empirical reality notwithstanding, the antifa story has become a dividing line within the MAGA world this week—and a telling symbol of its internal upheaval. Over the past two days, Trump loyalists have been bickering online over whether to take credit for and celebrate their most dramatic action yet, or distance themselves from the scene by calling up familiar conspiracy theories to explain it away.

The coalition, in other words, is experiencing a schism—and you can watch it on Twitter, or by flipping through Instagram Stories. As soon as StopTheSteal went offline in a serious, dangerous way, everyone who had been posting about it had to choose a side, or a reality. Ingraham also tweeted the link to a now-debunked story on the Washington Times website, which claimed that members of antifa had been identified using facial-recognition technology.

The story is now inaccessible on the Washington Times site. As the disinformation exploded across social media, Donovan points out, it benefited both from the openness and scale of major sites such as Facebook and Twitter and from the fact that it was shared enthusiastically in private Facebook groups, making its virality harder to track. His initial post has been shared more than 7, times.

In addition, his tweet of the link has been retweeted more than 11, times. The company has not returned a request for comment. Samantha Marika, a right-wing social-media personality with , Twitter followers, appeared enthralled by the insurrection and frustrated by the claims that it was staged by antifa. Beta cucks. In the past few days, factions of political factions have coalesced around cherry-picked pieces of reality or fondly held bits of delusion.

Meanwhile, people like Gray know that they sang the national anthem outside on a patch of grass—to their mind, this means the day was peaceful. The choice between claiming responsibility and passing it off is an ideological line in the sand for each person who makes it. As she marched through Washington, D. By yesterday morning, she was fully on board with the antifa theory, and sharing posts about how the event must have been staged.

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Too many cucks

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