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Please refer to my re-translations post to see if there already is a scan team re-translating this work in the same language you will be proposing. Originally posted by ms-starlight. Huge thanks to fujoshiundercover for ting on this with us and for being the one nightmare of my life jk hehe. Summary: Over in the boonies in a land far away, a Brit systems engineer named Luis came to play. Synopsis: Prisoner Haga was tired of his boring life in jail and thought of staging a jailbreak!

Just at that moment, an alpha prison officer was ased to him…? Synopsis: A world where demons prevail and humans are rare. Hiyori, a human, is considered to be delicious to demons. However, his classmate, Hodaka, a pushy big-horned demon, found out his secret. On top of that, he kissed and tasted him…Charming a demon—a troublesome situation?! Comment: You know, as much as I love Makonyan, this should have been reversed.

They constantly clash due to their polar-opposite love styles. One day, when Itsuki finds himself in the bar after a lengthy sickness, Shuji takes care of him. In an attempt to sober Itsuki up, Shuji jokingly commands the other dom to sit. To his surprise, Itsuki drops to the ground. Synopsis: Minami, who had been through a lot ever since childhood because of his beyond-average looks, meets Mabuchi who shares the same trauma. They become close and open up to each other, but one day, Mabuchi kisses him?!

Type-setters reading this, hmu and save me from my self-inflicted misery. Synopsis: Enatsu works at a bad company and spends his time miserably. His only salvation is Yuki-kun, a dazzling stage actor. Enatsu wins a raffle during a bus tour with Yuki-kun that awards him some alone time with him plus a guaranteed granted request. Synopsis: Deto and delinquent Zono are merely opponents. If his neck is touched, Zono will let out erotic sounds.

One day, Deto ran into Zono, who was beaten into a pulp by his father, despite being very strong in fighting. Deto rushed in to rescue Zono. And why was Zono wearing fancy, cute-looking clothes? NSFW continuation on my Twitter! I will be promptly removing Tsunaida and Musunda from the website as soon as Tsunaida gets d, so please be informed. Yeah man. A big thanks for Shingo and Blue Days Fansub for helping me clean the raws!

On this particular request, Luka has to slip away from the royal crowd with Prince Benjamin to go on a date! I knew Kure Yuki could pull off BL because hello? Chiaki x Housei??? Ryoutaro x Len??? I was skeptical about the others at first because did Lala really think that it was so easy to switch to BL esp if an author was originally strictly shoujo? But to my surprise, everyone did pretty well— except for Kure Yuki. Originally posted by dsblackmetal. The Trash Explorer. Welcome aboard, I shall be your guide.

I am the leader of Trash Explorer Scans and this blog serves as my spazz blog only. Please dm me if you have anything you want to relay or ask! Spazz What can I say? HAH fuck. Me type-setting:. Oshi to Nete Shimatta ga? Kanawanu Koi no Musubikata is now available in Renta!

Used trash tumblr

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