Vore belly games

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First my tablet stopped working, then when i finally got the ability to use it back again all this tumblr crap started. Most of it has to do with the company itself. I think my mistake was that the game is simply too big and i tried to do too much with certain aspects of it. Second, as you saw in the above gif you can now get eaten by enemies. At the moment all you can do inside their stomach is struggle, rub the stomach walls or interact with your inventory.

Basically any swallowed items get digested basically instantly. And any swallowed enemies get digested once their health reaches zero. The game has also reached the point where it can actually be called a game. Like before you could swallow an enemy that was in another room as long as you could see them.

Try unchecking that and see if it works. They will happen when you eat an enemy, or when the enemy eats you. During them you may be presented with choices. Each of those choices may have a random chance of producing different effects successfully eating, failing, etc. Progress has been quite slow because i needed a break from the project. But i still have made progress. First off i made pathfinding. And it works fairly okay in the current simple state of the game. Though it still might become a problem later on. What it basically does is take some text describing something in the game world and modifies it in certain ways.

This allows me to have kinds of vore in it that i might not be comfortable writing such as male vore. And it allows the player to select their gender preferences and what not without me having to write diffirent descriptions for each one. Posts Archive Devlogs Art. Maybe even animations. Heres one in the spirit of halloween:. There is unfortunately nothing i can really show. So no gifs this time. Slowly but surely this is turning into a game. This is what they look like: Ignore the weird gif coloring and the placeholder vore text. Ravenous Depths Devlog 3 Progress has been quite slow because i needed a break from the project.

Vore belly games

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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.