Wedgie torture stories

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Want to see people with their underwear being pulled up high? To see other wedgie websites, Want to read about all types of people and their wedgie experiences? To read about wedgie ideas, and types of wedgies that can be given .. The last section is movies, and videos I looked down to see a rope sticking out of the front of the sheet.

I looked up and saw Joe and Dan sitting there, with grins on their faces. That's when I realized: they had done to the front what they had already done to the back! I wriggled and writhed, but all it did was drive the wedgie further up my buttcrack and increase the pressure on my nuts. They were then laughing their he off. The commotion woke up everyone else. Dan told everyone about this and they started laughing. While I was being tortured, they told me what they had done to me, although I had already figured it out.

I guess they just wanted to rub it in more. During the night, while everyone was sleeping, Joe came in on baby-sitting duties. He saw me in my wedgie straight jacket and had a brilliant idea. He woke up Dan and told him the plan. They carefully unrolled me, keeping the rope in place. While Joe held the rope in wedgie position, Dan got another rope.

They put the rope through the front legloops and melvined me slowly, so I wouldn't wake up. Then, at the correct height, each of them held a looped rope in place while they rolled me up again. And that's how it happened. So, now that everyone was awake, they commenced torture. PT wasn't the wedgie type, and he was tired, so he decided to go downstairs to sleep some more while they tortured me. Before wedgie torture began, they just prodded me a bit, and they each took turns tickling my face.

Dan tickled my stomach and by instinct, I curled up, tightening the wedgie. Then, by instinct again, I reacted to the wedgie by arching my back, tightening the melvin. It took awhile for me to get control of my body, and by that time they were all rolling on the floor laughing and wiping tears of joy from they're eyes. Just give me one minute with them individually Anyhow, that was when they remembered that they were meant to be wedgie torturing me, not just plain torturing. They placed two tables parallel to each other.

Then they put a drumstick as in a stick used for playing drums through one of the rope loops and another through the other rope loop. They put me on my knees on one of those mini-stool things between the tables and they laid each stick so that it lay across both tables. Then, they pulled the stool from under me and I was suspended in mid-air for a little while before I recovered from the shock and pressed my feet into the ground to decrease the pain.

They stood there for about 15 minutes of just watching my facial expressions and watching my twitching I don't know how they couldn't get bored. Then, they left me there for another 15 minutes. Now, the way Dan's house works is, upstairs there is a mini-hallway that has a wall on one side and on the inside, it is open air with a railing.

Then there is a curved staircase. They piled up pillows and a mattress on the "wall side" of the staircase, directly beneath the upstairs railing. Back in the bedroom, Dan and Joe unhooked me from the wedgie. Outside, in the hall, they hooked the back rope loop on the railing of the hall and hooked the front rope loop on the railing of the staircase.

OUCH is all that I can say. Then, since my rear had been tortured more the day, they decided to pick on the front. They unhooked the back rope loop, so I was now hanging by just the front. My nuts were killing me, and now my wedgie was driving me insane, considering I had had it in for more than 12 hours. Eventually, I started making weird screaming noises and they agreed that it was enough.

They unhooked the front rope loop and let me freefall. I hit the pillows hard, but they had piled up enough pillows that it didn't hurt. That wouldn't have hurt so much if I didn't have a wedgie the entire time. After repeating this process several times, increasing the time period each cycle, they finally let me have privacy. But they still didn't undo the wedgie. After about 20 minutes of being left alone with a wedgie straight jacket, they said I could have my privacy for real, without a wedgie. After they had undone all of the ropes and knots, they let me alone to unpick. It took me 15 minutes just to take out the front, but, since I had been wedgied so hard and so long, I had to very, very slowly take out the back, taking 20 full minutes.

It wasn't that I couldn't get the underwear out, it's just that it hurt, every time anything touched my crack or my nuts, it would hurt. The first thing I did was run to the washroom. Then I decided to get changed. By now, my balls and butt had made an amazing recovery, and I was able to put on a new pair of briefs with only a 5-minute struggle. What made matters worse were that my tighty-whities were made even tighty-er because I hadn't checked when I was packing: I had packed a pair of briefs that were one size too small.

Uh oh. Anyhow, my good friend PT was nice enough to check on me. He felt sorry for me, so he helped me plan revenge. I'll explain that next time Lists and home. To go back the the main , just To the me, Blu3Wedgie yahoo.

Wedgie torture stories

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