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How long have you been working with the infant formula IF industry? The first samples I learned how to test for vitamins were infant formulas. What would you say has been the top 3 biggest evolutions in the Infant Formula industry in that time? This rule created the requirements for testing infant formula. New ingredients and new formulas e. Lactoferrin, HMOs human milk oligosaccharides. The biggest challenge with these new ingredients is sourcing from reputable suppliers and having analytical testing methods to be able to assess their quality both as a raw material and as an ingredient in the final product.

Trying to make infant formula even closer in composition to human breast milk. The components of infant formula that companies are focused on include the fat, carbohydrates, and protein. What role do you think start-ups play in this industry?

These new products do not contain any synthetic ingredients. What would be the top 3 attributes you would recommend a manufacturer to look for in choosing a third party lab TPL? These small differences can make a huge impact when reporting out to a client. By having your third-party lab use these methods you are ensuring your products are in the best position when going to market. Any government or regulatory body with default to Codex Type II methods as being the most accurate methods so by having these methods run on your products from the get-go will save you time and money and the headache!

Accreditation — ISO This is the global standard for testing labs and should be a minimum requirement when searching for a third-party lab. Having this accreditation means the lab is running correct procedures to ensure the are reliable giving you confidence in your CoA certificate of analysis. Long-standing reputation in the infant formula third-party testing space. Many of our scientists have had their work on infant formula published in peer-reviewed scientific literature. Changing ingredient sources away from the traditional dairy powders and premixes to plant-based novel ingredients which can be more difficult to test using traditional methods.

Turnaround time TAT — huge pressure on manufacturers to get their product out the door. By staying ahead of the curve with methods and testing protocols e. What are the advantages of using a third-party testing lab vs an in-house lab?

Or when should you consider using a third-party lab over an in house lab? How can Eurofins help start-ups navigate through testing challenges? . Infant Formula Technical Questions What would be the top 3 attributes you would recommend a manufacturer to look for in choosing a third party lab TPL? Dedicated commercial support team for infant formula manufacturers. Covid Services.

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