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Hide Up. Forum Settings Forums. Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo. Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo Ch Manga Series Discussion. Title Discussion. Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo Chapter 57 Discussion. Available on Manga Store. And oh great, more secrets now. Can't say that I'm surprised Yea I agree it wasn't really a surprise. But its nice to know its official now. Omg Yamada's finally admitted his love for Shiraishi! And wow its just one thing after another lol I wonder what Miyamura's secret is.

I figured it out about three s before he said it, the vision that is. Oh Yamada, admitting his love so freely! Quite enjoyable, really can't wait to see what comes next. Calling it now, Miyamura is a witch and his power is to gender-bend. He's actually been a girl this entire time. That would blow my mind if it actually happens xD. Ugh, waiting for the next chapter is going to be a pain. Awesome chapter though. Can't wait to see what Miyamura has to say!

Haha he finally admitted it :D lol Miyamura has a secret well, it can be that he has the "paste" power which is still missing. I can't wait to see the next ch. ZeroZx said: Omg Yamada's finally admitted his love for Shiraishi! Guys, I just realized something MaxCrazy7 said: So what is his secret, any ideas? I'm kind of thinking that it might be his true motives behind wanting to be the student council president? Not sure what those motives might be, but for a delinquent like him to want that kind of position MaxCrazy7 said: pink-lemonade said: Guys, I just realized something Omnicloudx13 said: Calling it now, Miyamura is a witch and his power is to gender-bend.

I thought you had the hots for me, dude Lmao, this manga is superb in slapstick comedy. I am calling he is another copy or he is gay. Geez, they finally focused on Shiraishi and Yamada again for a while. So he finally admits that he loves her. I never go back on my words Visit my deviantART Gallery. He finally said he loves her! He finally admitted his feelings for Shiraishi! ature removed.

Oh yes! Yamada x Shiraishi Lol Miyamura.. Hots for you? He actually admitted it! Why the hell couldn't he admit it to Shiraishi, though?! Glad that's finally being addressed. Preview Manga Manga Store. Stark Offline ed: Nov Posts: Omnicloudx13 Offline ed: Apr Posts: Megmurdel Offline ed: Nov Posts: So what is his secret, any ideas? Yeah, it seems the manga is warping up,but I'm kinda doubt it being how it is popular and all.

I'm sure they'll want to milk that cow until it dries up. I think you might be right about Miramura's secret might be his motives for wanting to bre president, but knowing him Most of the post I read think that he is a witch killer. All I know about witch killer are: 1- There are males 2- The witch's power do not work on them, but they can copy or cut it. If this last one is true, Miramuya couldn't be a witch could he, and then again if there is more than 2 witch killers and the last one is paste that would explain a few things, but I still suspect Ushio to be a witch killer thought.

See, it would be really interesting f Miyamura were a witch killer, but isn't it not possible? I mean, he's kissed Yamada and was able to swap bodies, and I think he may have kissed Urara during their experiments as well. If he really were a witch killer, this wouldn't have had an effect on him, similar to when Tamaki kissed Yamada and Yamada could still see him, despite the invisibility power. It would make for a great twist, but if the "witch rules" are followed, then it's not possible. Lmao, If this actually is it Holy shit that would be the best plot twist ever. Jakerams Offline ed: Jul Posts: He cracks me up all the time because he's very direct with his responses.

Jakerams said: or he is gay. If he was gay he's not been hiding it very well lol. Fiji Offline ed: Dec Posts: BBCode ature removed. That would be amazing, lol. Also, Miyamura is great, love him. Though the harem is oficially ended. Rayl1ght Offline ed: Oct Posts: Zadion Offline ed: Oct Posts:

Yamada-kun to 7-nin no majo reddit

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