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Imagine a principal life not just as an actor but as a husband and a father too like the fellow star, Yannick Bisson. Yannick Bisson Not every star in Hollywood gets to experience a successful and long lasting marriage like the fellow Canadian actor, Yannick Bisson who is best known for his appearance in Murdoch Mysteries where he played Det. William Murdoch does. Bisson who has been in the acting industry since the mids is credited to more than a dozen projects.

And, despite such huge longterm involvement in the entertainment world, he never let a negative thing impact his married life. Yannick Bisson shares a married life of nearly thirty years with his beautiful wife, Chantal Craig , who later changed her name to Chantel Bisson after they exchanged their marital vows. Chantal who is a creative content writer is also known as Shantelle Bisson. Interestingly, Yannick and Chantal knew each other since high school as Yannick would also often come to visit her friends. Matter of fact, Chantel was even asked out on a double date with Yannick by his friend.

But, the actress turned author declined since she only had a taste for elder men at the time. A couple of years later, the High Tide alum coincidentally met Chantal who arrived late and apologized to him at the audition for a Pepsi commercial.

On the other side, Bisson had no idea that she was also repped by his agency and that he would be co-starring with Chantel in his nearest future for the commercials. As Yannick was already a popular actor, Chantal was aware of everything. And, it was then during the kissing part of the commercial that sparked romance between the two.

Likewise, the rest is history. Soon after that, the young love birds fell head over the hill in love. And, the next thing they knew, Bisson and Craig said 'I Do' when they were just 21 and 18 in By the next year, the pair welcomed their first child, Brianna Bisson who married her current partner of five years, Craig Franklin in Likewise, the couple is also parents to their second child, Dominique Bisson and their youngest one, Mikaela Bisson. All three of their children have also given their attempts in acting as they all worked on Murdoch Mysteries. Brianna who also contributed to The Listener and Static , however, is professionally a makeup artist.

Bisson is highly involved in tv work though. Apart from the longrunning and successful Murdoch Mysteries , the actor is also known for his appearance in several other tv series such as Danger Bay , Sue Thomas: F. Only in April , Yannick and his wife decided to move into a new home as they sold their East York mansion where they lived for thirteen years.

As their daughters moved out, the Canadian actor along with his wife realized that it wasn't necessary to live in a big home with big enough space for just the two. The modern bungalow that consisted of four bedrooms, a fireplace, front closet, floating guest room, outdoor spa, Sonos, and private balcony, was renovated with the help of late Eric McClelland.

Chantel Bisson who is married to Yannick Bisson is a creative writer, actress, and author known for her appearance in Hacker. Brianna Bisson is a makeover artist and an actress who has appeared in Murdoch Mysteries and The Listener. Home Biography Yannick Bisson. Yannick Bisson is known for his role in Murdoch Mysteries. Yannick Bisson pictured with wife, Chantel Bisson. A family picture of Yannick Bisson from his daughter Brianna's wedding. Yannick Bisson on the set of Murdoch Mysteries. Yannick Bisson Affairs. First Affair with Chantel Bisson Chantel Bisson who is married to Yannick Bisson is a creative writer, actress, and author known for her appearance in Hacker.

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Yannick bisson gay

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